Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Truth In Politics

It appear on twitter this morning, but then the original tweet was erased, so i felt appropriate to post this wonderful tribute to our President on my blog.
Its true I took a break from blogging, I just didn't feel like it for a long time.
Now since we have new general election coming up next year, i felt its time to start again.
What better way to start then giving tribute to the man who introduce me to the American politics, he himself, the current President of the United States, and giving him his dues in appreciation if nothing more.
"We can all agree that President Obama has had a fabulous few months. Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Relations with Cuba are finally changing for the better. The numbers are improving. Six years of cool, steady patience is finally being rewarded. And to the victor goes the spoils. He is finally allowing himself to be what we already knew he was. A badass.
President Obama has taken most of the slams and accusations throughout the years with grace and dignity. He has let it roll off his back and shook his head. Often he gives the customary chuckle that We on the left know and love. What else can he do when someone treats him with such disrespect? He is forever under the microscope. Each minor misstep becomes ammunition. 
But times, they are a changin’. The last few weeks has brought out the man many of us voted for in the first place. And I couldn’t be happier.  I know why he has held his tongue. He was setting things into place. He had the structure built, it just needed time to grow. He also knew that as the first Black/White President that the scrutiny would be far worse for him than it has been for everyone else. Have you ever tried to do a job with someone over your shoulder telling you how bad you are going to mess up? I bet that was damn near suffocating at times. Finally, President Obama has come out swinging in last few months and showing that he is done with their silliness.
And so are we. Every time I am confronted by a Tea Party crazies I just give it right back! If President Obama can deal it back, so can I. Who are they to call me a Libtard? Or Feminazi? Most of them have not even read a voting record. Some of their leaders cannot name tree branches of Government. Some of them are still worried about Prayer Curtains that Obama ‘somehow’ planted way back in the Reagan days. The rest of us have moved on to climate change and foreign relations. Real problems. I'll let them keep up with the invasion of a state that is already in the Union. *face palm*
Please be warned though, some of them are really off the deep end. If confronted by one of those, just mutter something about how great Reagan was and slowly back away. Tell them you are late for a meeting at the NRA and you gotta go.
Pick your battles, change minds with facts when you can and learn to back away when its useless."
I  couldn't say this better even if i try. 

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