Friday, October 8, 2010

RAZZLE DAZZLE ECONOMICS: Trickle down, trickle up...on the embezzlement of American public trust

GOP is an all out attack...
Clever indeed when You think about it cause they have nothing to show off really!
Their voices are loud  though!
Free Market Economy!
Extend the tax cut for the wealthy cause they need them to provide jobs!
And the New one: A Party of paychecks!

I think that one is my favorite: little did I know about the GOP!
I was always thinking they are a Party of profits, dividends, capital gains and gold reserves!
Silly Me!

The American Public is force to listen, most of the time without any better explanations from the other side but equally abstract words:

Trickle down, trickle up economics!

American people are bedazzled!
No matter who they vote for in General thing are not getting better, they are getting worse!
Couple of decades worse!
Not to be worrisome for the future is understatement!
People are scared for the future!
On the top of all that misery, Wall Street bailout help the wealthy stay afloat and the Corporate America is posting record profits!
They say it is due to "streamline" of their operations!
Yes, Corporate America is selling for the open Sea and it is living us on the shore holding a bags full of foreign goodies to pay for mortgaging arms and legs of the future generations!
Manufacturing jobs went oversea, they are not coming back:
Can We do something about that?
Can We spur New Industry?
Can We create a whole new niche of a well paid jobs of tomorrow with the current technological resources and humans potential without borrowing money?
Can We salvage the Middle "going poor lately" class without the delay?
Yes, of course!
My Dear Progressives that is not the real Question!
The Real Question is:
Are We Ready to shake the boat?
The boat?
The boat called Corporate America?
Are We ready to shake it, cause some of Us may fall in the deep blue Sea among the sharks...Very hungry one's needless to say...
Streamline of their operations... right!
Amazing how new name popping up in the Corporate News Media to cover an old Economic Laws!
Change will start when we leave illusions behind!
Solutions will come when we leave our prejudice behind!
Globalization should be welcome from every one with a common sense cause it is a deeply positive progressive force for the Humanity!
Globalization is not the Problem that is scary but a deform mask of the Global Monopolization: aka Global Corporatization that is going on and is sucking the daylight out of the working people all over the world!
That is the reason why the prices are not falling, and that is the reason etre behind the record high corporate Profits!
GOP know this, they own the Corporations, they are educated on Ivy league schools, they are in the inner circle of wealthy people!
What I can tell You is this:
Turn the table on the other side:
Let them sweat for a while!
Income Increase due to Productivity increase!
How about that for a deficit solution! Instead of tax cut to spur the economy, give the Middle class linear increase, force Corporate America to restructure one more shift to hire all those lay off people cutting the legal work day to 6 hours, also due to the Productivity increase, and let see how much taxes will pour in to the Budget!
Ask Professor Krugman about a chart for a timeline of levels of productivity now and before the War when the work day become legally 8 hours! While We are at the chart floors, let ask the leading economists about the chart to show a correlation between the Corporate Profits and Productivity!
All this recession talks, depression stories, all those lays off and foreclosures that devastated the country leave the Middle class crouch in the corner and lurking in the darkness like a paralyzed victims in a hostage situation!
Corporate America is riping the benefit of the productivity due to a tech advances, but also due to a reduction in work force forcing everyone in intensive labour: longer hours, more task, extended duties, lots of volunteerism etc...
Never witness that in your working environment?
Never witness that in the long line in every store across the spectrum of services?
Never witness that when You pick up a phone and need costumer support?
I do...
No wonder Profits are up, a lot!
My Fellow Americans It is not up to them to give us anything, It is up to us to start value our self better and don't accept their treatment...
The Party of paycheck should know better never to mention paychecks in the mess they willingly and knowingly created, cause We Progressives can tell them:
What paychecks are You talking about?
Those People paychecks You lay off, and on top of that You dare to ridicule the only help between them and the garbage cans looking for a food!
Those People paychecks who have  to work a second jobs just to stay afloat in the ever rising  Sea of bills!
Or the paychecks you give to the children working for You for a minimum wage!
Good for You GOP!- Child labor You call what: building responsibilities!
Your conscience is a conscience of the 18 Century, Your spirit is a spirit off a  slave owners!
You are nothing but a Party of Pay and Check Out in Disgrace!


  1. I have been thinking this for a long time. Ever since Reagan got into office, the Corporate Machine has taken over our Country. While outsourcing our jobs, they never thought of what would replace them. The Labor Force has had the knees broken. I wish I had the answers to take back our Country. Except for activism, the young need to be informed rather than looking at MTV or the other crap and realize they will be working for slave wages and their safety net will not be there when needed. Such a shame.

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