Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE ROAD TO VICTORY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF DEMOCRATS: its a road of perdition, apology and acknowledgment

They say America is in a crossroad! 

There is a lot of talk these days about the special interest, corporate money, and the latest foreign money entering our election in order to influence the outcome!

Yeah...If we are up for sale!

The Right have Koch brothers and the like of them, the Left have Soros and the like of them, ergo, the rich people always spend money on their hobbies, that is how I look at them...
Those rich people happens to like politics, like some other rich people collect yachts or diamonds, those collect politicians, and use them to pleasure their interest.

They also say that both Party members have totally different approaches toward the politics in order to cast their votes:
Democrats Fall in Love, the Republicans Fall in Line, while the Independents look at "what there is for me" and depending on the offers from the both Party, they are the real game changers!

So the conventional wisdom tells Us!

In a democracy where barely half of the population vote to look at the election in a way they tell You to look, is to miss the big picture and to accept the things the way they are...
If America is in a crossroad, it is because those tectonic plates of American Politics are shifting beneath both Party feet's and the chaos is so blinding that it is leaving them breathless!
We witness the Birth of two seemingly different people movement in America:
The movement that elected Obama against Hillary in the primary election was actually a movement against the Democratic establishment, so the Tea party movement is against the Republican establishment.
Both movements are so welcome in the political arena because their reason for existence is the same: massive and profound dissatisfaction with the current affairs of the state, with the even worse outlook the more and more economy is taking a nosedive.

The Tea Party movement is a revolt toward the Republican party disparity with their value proclamations vs. factual reality. GOP claim to be conservative, but the preservation they uphold has little to with people values and everything to do with the bank bailout of Wall Street, or the ever rising deficit…

The Progressive movement is a revolt toward the Democratic party disparity with their values proclamations vs. factual reality. Democrats will hold the working people hands in showing understanding and support in their pursuit of better wages, but will vote over in continuation of a ever eroding standard of living of the middle class giving subsidy to the big Corporations followed by little or no help for the Main Street…
On top of all the profound misfortune that our Nation face in the past couple of Years, going to the worse crises since the Great Depression, our Supreme court decision give unprecedented, limitless possibility of any politically interested entity to pour unlimited resources into our election process in order to support their candidates of choice!

Should we be concern because of that?
Or should we see it as another frivolous attempt to smear our Election?
Smile my dear Progressives, cause the Power of the Money that is pouring into the election process, Individual or Corporate, Domestic or Foreign lays not in how much influence they can buy, but how much we believe, how strong our convictions are and how many of Us are up for sale!
- When You have unemployment at around 10%, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When You have millions of people waiting their mail for the unemployment check, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people that are working two jobs, just to keep their nose above the water, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people who are forced to work longer, harder, better, just to keep their jobs, petrified that they are the next wave to be laid off, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people who’ve been force out of their houses, so the bank can have a whole empty neighborhood in possession like a spoiled child playing monopoly, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
Progressives and the Tea Party are all people with conviction, two faces of the same coin, two bad none of them still can't see that!
Sometime at work I watch Fox News, or CNN, but no tone, just the picture, and I can't make a difference between the Tea Party rallies and The Presidents rallies if I don't look at the signs!
All I can see is the same "Dress for less" bodies of a working class people with the stamp of pale no nutrition Wal-Mart food on their faces!

Cause we are all the same. They just herd us in pits against each other, divide us with our different beliefs, geographic locations, status and looks, while we are all the same:
- What is the popular name: Main Street! Middle "going poor lately" class...
All the same pain and fear what the wind blow from China and India will bring to our doorsteps?
Should I remind my readers that all those people are the people who actually vote…does anyone ask the question:
- What abut the people that never enter the voting process?
- What about people who quit voting long ago if they ever voted?
- What about the "Welfare queens driving Cadillac’s " who are blamed for years to collect welfare checks being to lazy to go out and look for a jobs, when their only silent cry is "take Your food stamps, we don't need Your Charity", cause Welfare is like a charity, one trip to the grocery, and it is gone...
- What about the Laws obeying citizens who toil and toil day after day and then all of a sudden a wind blow from China or India close the door on their Factory or their domain of expertise become obsolite, or the Economy downturn leaves them holding the bags being laid off, so they took all the Faith they ever have in their own Government and on the day the first unemployment check arrive they realize that they have to be grateful to who exactly and for...for that???
Yes... all of you Democrats who wonder how come people don't come out and vote for you even though you are the only ones who fight for them, just take a look at the unemployment benefits checks and you will know why?
If you are guilty of not knowing, cause there is no other explanation how can such an insignificant amount be called "benefits" when it fits no one, benefit no one, just imagine how much the GOP is out of touch with the working poor of America cause of their shameless effort to cut even that misery, under the claim that it’s spoiling the citizenry by making them dependent on the Government!
Let get this straith:
- "Unemployment Benefits" are not making anyone dependent on the Government: they just make grown men cry!
- What about the Immigrants who came to our shore? Yes, some snuck in trough the Desert and they are used like a sacrificial lamb and are called names even though their crime start pursuing dreams of a better tomorrow...all Immigrant ever dream about when coming to America is the dream of a better life, which reality pushed down the tube of bad, overcrowded apartment floors and long, cruel hours of laboring for nothing at all...days turning into years will kill any dreams under the cold pressure of reality, and when the day comes for them to become legal citizens and be able to cast their votes, they simply don’t believe their vote will change anything...reality has no party name...
What if all of those people come out and vote?
What will happen if those different, completely abandoned parts of the American population came out and vote?
Who they going to vote for if they vote?
Why is this Question so important?
Because they outnumber individually both parties!
Are they going to come out and vote...after all, this crises did hit them the most...
Are they going to come out and vote for you?
Well, my fellow Democrat they will vote for who ever step into their wretched neighborhoods… They will vote for you if You hold a rally there with an honest "I'm sorry I did this!"
Because you so called Democrats did this, not the GOP, YOU!
The GOP is the businessmans party and they are not shy about it! Their creed is blunt and never changing: help the business, to help everyone else…not much to it, but they stick to their Guns…
The Democrats are claiming to be the populist party, so it happen under Your...what...

- Year after Year, decade after decade of ignorance!

Yes, Democrats You should say sorry to all of them, cause You claim to be the Political Party that care!

Then do that…
All those people are hungry for a recognition, for apology and for an extended hand that can lift them up on their feet!
Show them the hand, touch they rough skin, hug their warm bodies, heel their broken soul!
Victory will be Yours!



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