Monday, October 25, 2010

THE SAND IN THE WHEEL, THE SAND OF TIME: On Corporate Media control of the message: We need a New Era of Enlightenment!

Conservatism  style of politics that subscribe on "Free Market Economy" is on the rise all over the Western World!
They win the last elections in England, they rule Germany, they dominate European council, they are everywhere and each time they win any seat anywhere, they stand like one for the tax cuts, tax brakes, less Government spending:
Lets deal with the deficit kind of questionable goal!
They did not miss to deliver all the goodies to their Patrons over the years, elections after elections,  and now the shortfall in the budgets all over European States is calling for balancing the different national budgets, and guess where they looking for the money?
Cuts of People benefits...Yeah...
How lame...

Yet there is sound of silence that is coming from Europe!
The limited news that are coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean are nothing but the silenced voices of the European people that are taking their issues on the streets all over the main land: Belgium, Greece, Spain and France!
In Brussels they come affront the European Headquarters, but not once any of the Corporate Media went among them bringing us first hand information about the cause that send them marching!
France is marching a whole week...
Unions...the American news said...
Unions...word said with so much contempt, they ask something for nothing, and all the name calling fill the radio airs with the acid vitriol like hatred...

The dawn of The New Millennium... 21 Century!
Workers accomplish so much in the 20 Century, so I thought it is natural to feel gratitude, to understand where the help is coming from, but no, Little did I know about the American State of the Unions!
To say they were not popular, ha...not funny... not funny at all...

Yet when I was living in Europe we use to celebrate  1 st of May, call May day, the first weekend of May, and the whole State was on a picnic in nearby parks, national recreation aria or the mountain slops, whenever we could find a spot to make a barbecue...
It was one of the best holidays of the years: lots of good food, outdoor games, families fun national!
Paradise for kids...
When the lunch stretch into a diner, and the adults raise the glasses with the words:
- For the Americans...God bless their souls...
- For the Americans...and someone of the youngest kids will ask:
- Why the Americans?
- Cause they wash the street with their blood!- and there come the story In Memoriam of the Hay market massacre in Chicago 1886...
Depending of who was telling the story, kids and adults will usually cry at the end of it filed with empathy for the fallen workers in a country far, far a way, long long a go...
Every May Day we hear the story again and each May day it was touching to hear it a new, so we will never forget how hard we get what we have...

Here in America I was asking my coworkers, none ever heard of the story at all...

Corporate did the homework: erase and diminish the role of the People History in the memories of the ordinary Americans with the day in and day out control of the Corporate news channels, and I do believe they are all Corporate, even those who hold the banner of Internet Independent so call Progressives Media, who never really scratch the surface beyond a deep sympathy or a tap on the shoulders of the workers...
The middle class for them is those people just below the rich, high, high middle class.
They preach to them the Gospel of small business entrepreneurship, high tech solution and world investment navigation!

How did I get this conclusion?
Because the Public Opinion is overwhelmingly against the Unions, which means their never raise any protective levy against the Corporate America, never keep the torch of Historical People Accomplishments burning a New in the mind of their readers...
With one word: They failed!

It is easier to join the winners, it is much easier to swim with the tide, it is much easier...

On those pages we dont do that...

So we will ask the following question:

Did We Human Accomplish enough in our Human History especially from the Industrial Revolution in the 18 Century until today, so we can afford to take care of the youngest, the oldest and the neediest among us?
And my answer is without a reasonable doubt:
Yes We did!

The other questions that boggle the mind is:

Why can't we provide then Highest Education, Strong Safety Net, Decent Retirement and Universal Health Care to all of us?
And it is a question for the Whole World, not just United States!
The answer is:

There is no Unity of the voices: they are separated in all kind of different movement without a correlation between them, ergo, they are easily manipulated, silenced and marginalised just enough to be there like a pluralistic point of views, but not enough to bring a real change...

The Will of the People come very strong when the tragedy struck anywhere on the Globe, People are able to stand together in solidarity of the misfortune areas due to a Natural disaster, but those attempt never intervene with the Corporate World!

- As long as they stay out of the radius of Interest, they can flourish,  but Corporate World will fiercely defend and crush every attempt of the people that  come to close to their profits...

- Cause all of this issues all over the world are a matter of better usage of the existing Human and Material Resources, not a question of do ability or affordability!

Education, Retirement, Social Security and Health Care are the Four Pillars of Human Accomplishment of Generations and Generations of Humans, pass onto us for  free starting with our ancestors who were keeping the fire burning days and nights to save them from cold or predators, until the marvels of the modern nanotechnologies that is a result of cumulative passing of the scientific knowledge of a Humans from every corner of the world!
- It is our duty to give that Knowledge to the next Generation of Humans without discrimination of the color of their skin, or the part of the World they coming from, sex they belong to, or genetic pull that make them look differently!

- We need a new Era of Enlightenment!

Today Implement of the Knowledge give Us such a technological advantage that we can Produce multiple times more then every Generation before basically combine together! We came a long way from a hunters and fruits gatherer, and yet those primitive societies were taking  care of their young, old,  and sick, while we today are counting our dimes every couple of years!

- We Humans produce enough to support our youngest, our oldest and our sick members of our Society!
- Economy is not our limits!
- The political will that is shaping our economic system is!

If we  spread the expenses of The Need of Society to all of the people proportionally to their Wealth, which   means  no cap on the contributions, so the wealthy instead in Charitable Foundations or charitable organisations put the money into the Budget of their domain country, it will be more then enough to cover the need for for all of us, even in the poorest countries in the World!

- If the World Income is a Cake, then the Solutions to the World Problems are the way we cut the Cake, not the frosting we have on the top of it!

When we get our mind around that simple logic, then we will see that GOP and the Conservatives all over  the World are trowing sand in the Wheel of History, they wont us to go backward in the Dark Corners of our conscience,off the city streets lights and worm ourselves under the bridges, work sixteen hours a day and get drunk out of tiredness in the end of the week like we still subscribe to their 18 Century Conscience barely above the Slaves Owners Mentality!
That sand of time pass long a go...
Who ever start firing that day in Chicago 1886 also trow a sand in the Wheel of History and postpone the inevitable:
People that die that day on the Hay markets, they march so we today will have eight hours work day, it took a leader like FDR to sigh the Will of the People into a Law of the Country!

Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, all being officials of the States were having an opportunity to listen and better the lives of their own People, but instead they turn the light off, and that is how the History will remember them...
Peons in the hand of the Corporate World...

Monday, October 18, 2010

THE WISDOM OF ADAM SMITH, THE FATHER OF MODERN ECONOMY: On the falacy of "Free Market Economy" and the Fairy Tale of The Invisible Hand

They say if you repeat and repeat a lie so many time and for so long, no one will know when the lie start, presumably over time it will be retold as a Truth!
So it go with the GOP falsehood of the "Free Market Economy".

I mean, don't get me wrong, they are full of Goblins story and an imaginary policies, but the claim of the "Free Market Economy" is the one that make me shiver in cold disbelieve, cause it is so cleverly presented, so sophisticated in its deception that more and more look like a Gordian knot, so it will take a razor cut to untangle reality from fiction, cause it is all a fiction: their claims and pursuits of the theory, their religious persistence is nothing but a fiction...

And yet, it resonate with the people...big time...
They even spur the passion of one side of the population to march for them!
One day History will point to the TEA party like a cleverly manipulated part of the American population into a self inflicted hatred, kind of like a populist self destruction!
Marching poor people to fulfill the interest of their rich masters, offering themselves on the altar of Corporate greed, like a bonus in the end of the year...
Extremely successful year, may I say!

Corporate America is posting record profits, they just need a little more deregulation and a couple more tax cuts so they will start hiring and investing again in the Economy...

Loosen up the leash will You!?-said GOP...
Let the Market work his wisdom!

Their story are embedded in people memories like a fairy tale, with  heroes and villains, twist and turns...
Free Market vs Big Government!
Deregulation vs Government control!
Them vs Us!
And the cry of the Corporate Media rise in whisper:
- If we can only have free market again...
And many, many of the people deluded for so long start singing to their tune:
- Lets try it, to see how it goes...
- Take the Government out of our lives...
- Let  "the Invisible hand"  handle the Economy...
Many of those people never really have an idea how the name "the invisible hand" come to be, and for those who know the origin, if they did not study economy, that simple knowledge does not mean much...
Me, I can tell You this much:
Each time I heard them talking about "the Invisible hand and the free market economy"  a thought crossed my mind:
- What a bunch of phonies!
Cause they never read the whole book actually!
Never really read Adam Smith's " An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations", or the "The principal of Political Economy" from the critic of Smith, David Ricardo who claim in the Preface that he is dedicating his book to correct the flaws of the theory of his predecessors, or for that matter Marx's "Capital" who pick up were they both left over and discover the Laws behind the ultimate flaw of the system to go from one to another crises!
At the University We use to make theatrical jokes about them, we  call them Socrates, Plato and Aristotle of the Modern era:
The Holy Trinity of Philosophy vs The Holy Trinity of Economy...
Equally boring!
GOP they never read any of them...
But they bow down to "The invisible Hand"!
The sole use of the name is deliberate misconception to sell a Deceit that is going on for decades, something that the Father of the Modern Economics, Adam Smith, would never have in mind...
Poor Man actually if we somehow get him today to see our modern society dominated by the Corporate America, our system of taxes, of education, our Budget run deficit, our system of foreign trade, well to say that he will be shocked is undermining the grave reality of the state of horror in which he will be in!
But, being a perfect Scottish Gentleman and a Professor of Moral Philosophy, he will sit down to gather a breath, before he ask the following question:
- Oh, my Dear Child, can I see my book please?
While he flip trough the pages he will calm down and say:
- Yes, yes... it is all there My Child, but You must have misunderstood everything!
- Let's have a cup of tea and talk about it, shall we, cause You frighten  me there for a while that my "Wealth" was terribly, terribly took for another author's tale...
While the butler is preparing the tea, the Dear Professor will tap the table completely speechless in disbelieve:
- Eh, so they say "the invisible hand" will make things right...
- Oh Dear...and they call my book " a bible of conservative"...sacrilege...
After sipping a great deal of the tea, while the redness of his face slowly fade, he will paint the picture of the Time he was living  in so we can better understand his work:
- My Dear Child, when I wrote the "Wealth" 1776, We did not have Market Economy at all, our mode of production, our Economy was mostly agriculture dominated Economy, Feudal Economy, ones sources of wealth were coming from the possession of the land or from the accumulation of gold and silver trough the Commerce, surplus balance of one Trade, export more then You import...
Mercantile trade system, mingled with Feudal Economy...
Dear , oh Dear, We did not have Industry yet, we have small manufactures, and yes We produce much, much more then the hand made tools the Generation before Us used, but nothing like the machine production in the time of the Industrial was years after with the introduction of the steam machine so to say...
- Oh Dear, nothing like the marvel You have today! - Oh no, no,...our roads were...well plain, but still to transfer our goods and merchandise from one place to another We have to pass from one Landlord property to another Landlord property, and they were burdening the exchange with unnecessary taxes, on the other side foreign exchange were heavily monopolize, and the Monopolies made the goods that were coming from the colonies way more expensive by them, the whole exchange was restrain with a high duties, export was ridden with lots of advantageous treaties of Commerce and bounty, so I saw that like a brake on the Progress, cause I believe that it will be better off if we free the exchange also called Market!
"The Free Market Economy" is just a fancy name I use for what Your People today called Capitalism: massive productions and establishment of a wide spread of the wage labours imprint in  the Society as a whole, and that happen soon after the heads of the Monarchy fall in Paris...The free flow of capital soon after circle the World and still does...
You see My Child The Discovery of America has benefited Europe not by cheapening of gold and silver, but by opening a new Market which improve the productive powers of labour, and that is a true source of the Wealth of the Nations!
As for the "invisible hand...Dear Child, in those days the Sovereign, The King, or the Landlords were the ones who were building the roads and bridges, the common goods, they were, trough charity, the benefactors of the Society, and I believe that if we let the Individual Endeavours, acting in the best self interest, to employ their capital in the advantage of their own gain, They will also act in the best interest of the Society even when they have no intentions of doing so...
- My Dear Child, I use a picturesque word to describe that the sole desire of the Endeavors, their simple Pursuits of Profits will led them like the invisible hand in promoting the benefits for the Society as well as getting them rich, that is all, not the Market itself...good Lord, no...
Still, My Dear Child, I don't understand Why Your People dwell into My Naivete when not even a Century letter my Dear Followers refute my shortcoming due to the tremendous changes that took place in the World...
But to call upon me for this system of Yours today after my constant, constant warning of the malice of the Monopoly, it is beyond my comprehension!
- Dear Child, You have nothing but Monopoly every were You turn, and when you have monopoly You have no Market!
- Lord oh my... Their sole purpose of existence is to diminish the Market force, to kill the competition, to control the prices, to manipulate, to avoid, to deny the exchange and to promote negligence toward its own servants...
- Then Your  whole World Trade is ridden by Monopoly!
- They are even producing, blasphemy right there,  extremely cheap in oversea country, and they are selling You their own goodies home, and they calling that internal Trade a Foreign Exchange!?
- My Dear Child and that is Your Trade Deficit...Good Lord All Mighty!
- And You are telling me that the Public subsidize their Profits...Good Lord, why?
- What do You promoting with their bounty?
- Outrageous...
- My Dear Child I can not even start to manage all the words you guys use to hide the benefits of the Division of Labour, the cornerstone of my book, the driving force behind the Wealth of the Nations: outsourcing, off shoring, supply chaining, streamline of the operations?...and yet instead of being beneficiary, the Division of Labour on the Global scale is killing the Domestic Economy, cause the only thing that is Falling are  the Wages, not the Prices of the Imports!
- As for the taxes, My Dear Child is that a joke You telling me, they  asking for another tax cut?
- Dear Lord, the possibility You have in Your era of technological advantage if You apply them for the benefits of the Common good are enormous, and yet the burden of paying for them is on the back of the people not proportional to their riches?
- Then to robe the labour of the living wage is reckless, economically insane...
- I never stand for that, as You can see in the "Wealth"!
- My Dear Child, the only thing I see Free in Your Economy is the Power of Monopoly to relentlessly pursuit profits, while the Public is taking the risk of the Market...
- My Dear Child, my "Wealth" came late, my warning couldn't save the England Crown, all the wrongdoing of the people,  due to the harsh treatment of the Monopoly that were controlling the Economy in the Colonies, make them rebel and, well...we lost them!

So said the Father of the Economics...

Lets come back to present days...
GOP and their "bible", they are taking us for a fools!
The fairy tale they selling us, cause they know that in this busy, self indulging time, no one read books anymore, less a books that are dusty centuries old ones, and they are over a thousand pages long...
-Gee, that many...forget about it...
Actually, they counting on no one reading it, or people will find out that the "bible of the conservative" ask for progressive taxation, state providing public educations or the biggest secret, the source of wealth of the nations is the productive labour...
If People read and think they will say:
- Well sending all those manufacturing jobs oversea made our Nation poorer???
Well yeah...Accordingly...
No, GOP don't wont You to know...that!
- All You need to know is what Corporate Media tell You that You need to know, which  bring us to the crucial question:
- What the hell they are talking about when they say: Free Market Economy"?
- Strip the last layers of obligations they have toward us and the Society!
All the excuses just to set us into a path of oblivion:
Pursuit of higher education in order to get ahead:
- Don't worry, get Your Diploma, those guys in China and India are sleeping waiting for You to graduate...Yeah, they do!
They put us on the Treadmill with the rest of the World:
- Run!... We don't get anywhere, its a treadmill...
- Just run will You, and faster, faster...
And when our heart start beating in our ears, not to worry, we will pass the torch to the next Generations of Americans who love to run and prove theme-self worthy of their attention!
Let the market set the minimum wage means: let the People compete between each other for their daily bread:
-I have ten jobs opening, lets see...Two hundred applicants!
- Interesting...So, Who wont to work for $5 an hour?
- How about who wont to work $3 an hour?
- Only $1 an hour...excellent, You guys are hired!
They already got us working two jobs, overtime, part time...
Gee, we are flexible...
Privatise Social Security will solve the system means: Trow Your money on the Stock Market the way You did with the  Retirement Money...cause they will keep the contribution deducted from your paychecks...All they ask you is to forget about colecting the benefits trought the propaganda:
- Not to worry, we can work deep into our old age, cause seventy are new fifty!
- And by the way, glue yourself to the blip on the screen of Corporate Performance and pray that we make more and more $ billions...just pray, will you!
That is what they strive for: "Free Market" for the ordinary people, not for corporate America, cause they have the Power of Monopoly in every aspect of business, just look at the utility, retail, banks, any given services, and those of you that still think they don't share the market with the mutual agreements, think again:
- What all those summits of G8, G20,  then all those blatantly open organization like NAFTA, World Trade Organizations and The World Bank etc, stand for?
And if they share the World, they will not share the domestic market of any given country?
They are against any bondage call taxes and regulations, cause it is a cost for them, what they like is to come to our restaurant and eat and play for free, living us not just to serve them and clean after them, but to also pay the bill...
And when the system stuck, and unavoidably will, they wont to be free to mercilessly laid off workers, and even if they are awash in cash, they will not start hiring and investing until that awful, awful Big Government don't open the Treasury and cover their projected profits with the people's: taxpayers money, cause they are to big to fail...
-Oh...Oh... While we are at the Treasury, give us another tax cut please, this Right pocket seams to have a little vacancy...
The only one Who can restrain Corporate America in their relentless  race for more and more Profits is the Federal Government, and that is Why GOP is screaming Big Bad Wolf for decades...
It is not enough for Corporate America to buy all of those pathetic excuse of a spineless politicians from the both Party, but the People need to hate their own: of the people, by the people and for the people Government, like it is a force against them, not their own!
Cause in a Democracy people can vote actually, and they can have the Government that can work for them, they can select, and elect People with a strong conviction Who can bring Law that will benefit the People and to discard the Will of the People they have to somehow make them vote against that Big Government, against its own benefits!
- Don't make the Government work for You, just hate the shadow of it will You!
That is a Free Market Economy GOP is standing for!

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Greatest intellectual puzzle of the 20th Century is the rise of the Nazis!
How The Hell The German People Turn  From Hitler Youth To The Whole Nazis Nation???

Was Hitler such a Great Orator who cleverly lure them with his speeches of National Greatness so they shred overnight every compassion and empathy, like he put a spell over  them and they become sort of a Goblins named SS troops, Gestapo Police and an Army of Dead Fire Squads!
How on Earth they were able to turn the blind eyes and deaf ears on the atrocity that were happening all around them, like they were all muted all of a sudden!
Did they toss in their beds on the other side awaken from the screams in the hallways, and they cover their ears with the pillows so they will not listen anymore how they drug their neighbors into the night onto oblivion!
Didn't they see how people were disappearing from their neighborhood, or their workplace?
Didn't they notice the missing playmates of their children on the playground or empty chair in the school classes?
When the Hitlers Army start marching did they gather under the radio in the pubs, or barber shops and cheer on the News of their Mighty Invincible Army, rooting for Victory like it is a football much, a combat of no regret, except it wasn't a football much, it was a War, and the score was a distraction of  some distant City!
Didn't they know that bombing means a lot of innocent civilian casualty?
Didn't they know that they unleash the Forth Horseman of the Apocalypse that start marching with them:
Conquest, War, Famine and Death!

On the Nuremberg trial one after another German officials claim innocence of the War atrocity with the casual defence:
They did not know what was happening in Auschwitz, or Dachau, or on the Russian Front, or anywhere where Germany invaded other Nations, until Hitlers architect Albert Speer, famous like "The Nazi that say I'm sorry" stand up and say: We didn't know because we didn't wont to know:
"In political life, there is a responsibility for a man's own sector. For that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State?"
                                                          Albert Speer,1946 Nuremberg trial

What cause the German People Silent Crime in a nut shell?
Patriotism gone a stray?
Collective ignorance?
Deep rooted religious prejudice?

If We can hold a Nuremberg Trial today for the Victims of the Recession, who will be indicted for the Crime against Humanity?
Who are the Germans and the Jews among Us?

Are We not turning a blind eyes and a deaf ears to the victims of the Bad Economy?

All those people that get lay off, they just disappeared from our lives! Only a memories, if any is left behind!
We see the sigh of foreclosure popping up in our neighborhoods and we just passing by!
We are looking at the pale faces or the obese bodies of the school children and we don't even blink with our eyes!
We passing those tombs of flowers and picture on the high school pavement and We don't even stop to read their story! Just another tomb on the streets, another brick in the Wall of broken souls!
We are buying all those cheep goodies from abroad, and we don't bother where they were made! Some sweatshops or a child make them for a nickel and a dime!
We are waging a War for a 9 long years killing our soldiers and their civilians, but We still believe that Our Military is bringing Democracy to those Nations! It is just those ungrateful rascals can't see that!
Didn't we learn that War is the last Resort Wealthy use to grab Foreign Nations National Treasures?
Every War...
Yet We commit the Biggest "Final Solution" of our Days called TARP the Wall Street bailout!
One after another our prominent public figures come out and claim they didn't have an idea for the scope of the problem, but the dire straits were upon Us and We need it to act promptly!
Even Greenspan did not know!
Poulson was asking for a blank Treasury check to "save" the economy nearing a collapse!
-He get only around $ 800 billions!
The dark reality is no one really knows how much money the FED pure into the banking system...
No one knows!
So what they were doing on the economy classes: they sleep or skip them altogether?
What book they were learning from anyways?
They did not Know!
Is in it their Duty to Know?
Can We indicted them?
And when their Crimes start?
Factory start closing long ago in America, witch by itself don't make a sense: Corporations never loose!
Never ever...
What they calling a loss is their quarterly underperformance!
Their loss is when  they are making less then the quarter before!
That is all...
Just a blip on the screen of a Corporate Performance, and yet they will lay off and cut loose the livelihood of millions of people and send them into the Path of Economic Gas Chamber of  Poverty, while all of Us are  worry about their stock performance!
They destroying the lives of millions of our  fellow citizens, they rip open the fabric of their lives, some never to be patch again!
How many will succumb to a disease loosing the jobs and the health care?
How many will get stress related sicknesses?
How many will lost everything in the crash and are to old to start all over?
Don't we know what is a consequences of malnutrition, obesity, or a lack of sleep due to a two jobs workload, or no job at all?
A whole Generation of Young kids in their prime years sit around doing nothing or dying for a back or two in a hostile land protecting the pillage of the ground witch is not theirs!

No one is taking responsibility!
Hey... they already said they don't know!
Still they get $ 800 billions to "save the Economy"
What Economy?

I understand the wish of the business owners to grow and open a Factory lane oversea, making more money does not boggle my mind, but why on  Earth to close the Main Land Factory? Both were making money, I dare anyone to deny my statement with a Numbers that said otherwise!
Every Factory or business Corporate America  ever close was making money, They just did not make so much as those oversea!
The question that boggle my mind is: -Why they let them do it?
Who was the Chief of State when the levy on a Corporate America broke, a Charismatic leader who lure American People into a Believe of a Shining City on the Hill only if we shred our compassion and empathy for those forsaken Jews among Us, and We cut and slash them into oblivion, turn the back on them cause it is a new Morning in America!
A wave will come and lift all the boat!

Did We forget that the Name of the Wave that lift all the boats is Union?

Who was the Chief of State who undermine the Unions and turn them into a Public Mischiefs and Mongrel who are asking something for nothing!
The most important questions are:
When will all this Economic atrocities  stop?
When will this Political War of equally Impotent Ideas of the Both Party turn toward the reasonable solutions?

When the American People turn the back of the German inside and see the Jew in the mirror!
When We realise that We are all sacrificed  on the altar of Greed and selfishness of our Current Politics owned by Corporate America!- When We find the Guts to point to a whole leading Party subscribe to the Modern Day Holocaust, and the other Party Establishment that follow them trowing crumbs from the Corporate Cake for Us to be pick up from the bottom floor!

If we still believe that the Magic Wave will come and lift all the boats out of nowhere We are not ready for a tsunami that is heading toward our shores!

All the "Roaring 20' stile" Corporate Media is selling to Us are just a smoke screen to cover the rising Sea of Poverty all over the World!

If We still think that It will not reach Us, because We have a Upper Ground...Well, think again!

Corporate America is  Sailing The Open Sea for the last thirty Years, and Who ever let them pillage and roam through its own National Resources, they will stop on their shore!
Make no mistake, they maybe start with the Manufacturing business , but they will shot down any business when they find a fertile ground to grow him oversea, they will cut any benefits We enjoy today, they will pay Us less and less with the passage of the quarters, not Years, and they will leave us hanging alone in the Jungle of the Ever Changing World because their ship sail under no flag!

Those of You who still doubt and think We are safe cause they are our Corporate... Think again!

They have no sense of Patriotism, or Duty or National Pride cause they only Icon is the Rising Golden Bull!

The saddest side of the story is that they miss the lesson from history also!
The Nazis did not bring destruction only to the Nations they invade, but to its own motherland, and to the rest of the World...
The Jews were not the only people drown in the Whirlpool of Death, but  the World Population suffer a lost, one way or another...

When the Tsunami hit the shore it will wipe everything on its path...
For All of Us today  the thought of undeniable Truth remain: Out of the Ashes of the World War spring the New World!
Out of the darkness of the War a New Renaissance of Ideas was Spur of a better World...

Friday, October 8, 2010

RAZZLE DAZZLE ECONOMICS: Trickle down, trickle up...on the embezzlement of American public trust

GOP is an all out attack...
Clever indeed when You think about it cause they have nothing to show off really!
Their voices are loud  though!
Free Market Economy!
Extend the tax cut for the wealthy cause they need them to provide jobs!
And the New one: A Party of paychecks!

I think that one is my favorite: little did I know about the GOP!
I was always thinking they are a Party of profits, dividends, capital gains and gold reserves!
Silly Me!

The American Public is force to listen, most of the time without any better explanations from the other side but equally abstract words:

Trickle down, trickle up economics!

American people are bedazzled!
No matter who they vote for in General thing are not getting better, they are getting worse!
Couple of decades worse!
Not to be worrisome for the future is understatement!
People are scared for the future!
On the top of all that misery, Wall Street bailout help the wealthy stay afloat and the Corporate America is posting record profits!
They say it is due to "streamline" of their operations!
Yes, Corporate America is selling for the open Sea and it is living us on the shore holding a bags full of foreign goodies to pay for mortgaging arms and legs of the future generations!
Manufacturing jobs went oversea, they are not coming back:
Can We do something about that?
Can We spur New Industry?
Can We create a whole new niche of a well paid jobs of tomorrow with the current technological resources and humans potential without borrowing money?
Can We salvage the Middle "going poor lately" class without the delay?
Yes, of course!
My Dear Progressives that is not the real Question!
The Real Question is:
Are We Ready to shake the boat?
The boat?
The boat called Corporate America?
Are We ready to shake it, cause some of Us may fall in the deep blue Sea among the sharks...Very hungry one's needless to say...
Streamline of their operations... right!
Amazing how new name popping up in the Corporate News Media to cover an old Economic Laws!
Change will start when we leave illusions behind!
Solutions will come when we leave our prejudice behind!
Globalization should be welcome from every one with a common sense cause it is a deeply positive progressive force for the Humanity!
Globalization is not the Problem that is scary but a deform mask of the Global Monopolization: aka Global Corporatization that is going on and is sucking the daylight out of the working people all over the world!
That is the reason why the prices are not falling, and that is the reason etre behind the record high corporate Profits!
GOP know this, they own the Corporations, they are educated on Ivy league schools, they are in the inner circle of wealthy people!
What I can tell You is this:
Turn the table on the other side:
Let them sweat for a while!
Income Increase due to Productivity increase!
How about that for a deficit solution! Instead of tax cut to spur the economy, give the Middle class linear increase, force Corporate America to restructure one more shift to hire all those lay off people cutting the legal work day to 6 hours, also due to the Productivity increase, and let see how much taxes will pour in to the Budget!
Ask Professor Krugman about a chart for a timeline of levels of productivity now and before the War when the work day become legally 8 hours! While We are at the chart floors, let ask the leading economists about the chart to show a correlation between the Corporate Profits and Productivity!
All this recession talks, depression stories, all those lays off and foreclosures that devastated the country leave the Middle class crouch in the corner and lurking in the darkness like a paralyzed victims in a hostage situation!
Corporate America is riping the benefit of the productivity due to a tech advances, but also due to a reduction in work force forcing everyone in intensive labour: longer hours, more task, extended duties, lots of volunteerism etc...
Never witness that in your working environment?
Never witness that in the long line in every store across the spectrum of services?
Never witness that when You pick up a phone and need costumer support?
I do...
No wonder Profits are up, a lot!
My Fellow Americans It is not up to them to give us anything, It is up to us to start value our self better and don't accept their treatment...
The Party of paycheck should know better never to mention paychecks in the mess they willingly and knowingly created, cause We Progressives can tell them:
What paychecks are You talking about?
Those People paychecks You lay off, and on top of that You dare to ridicule the only help between them and the garbage cans looking for a food!
Those People paychecks who have  to work a second jobs just to stay afloat in the ever rising  Sea of bills!
Or the paychecks you give to the children working for You for a minimum wage!
Good for You GOP!- Child labor You call what: building responsibilities!
Your conscience is a conscience of the 18 Century, Your spirit is a spirit off a  slave owners!
You are nothing but a Party of Pay and Check Out in Disgrace!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE ROAD TO VICTORY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF DEMOCRATS: its a road of perdition, apology and acknowledgment

They say America is in a crossroad! 

There is a lot of talk these days about the special interest, corporate money, and the latest foreign money entering our election in order to influence the outcome!

Yeah...If we are up for sale!

The Right have Koch brothers and the like of them, the Left have Soros and the like of them, ergo, the rich people always spend money on their hobbies, that is how I look at them...
Those rich people happens to like politics, like some other rich people collect yachts or diamonds, those collect politicians, and use them to pleasure their interest.

They also say that both Party members have totally different approaches toward the politics in order to cast their votes:
Democrats Fall in Love, the Republicans Fall in Line, while the Independents look at "what there is for me" and depending on the offers from the both Party, they are the real game changers!

So the conventional wisdom tells Us!

In a democracy where barely half of the population vote to look at the election in a way they tell You to look, is to miss the big picture and to accept the things the way they are...
If America is in a crossroad, it is because those tectonic plates of American Politics are shifting beneath both Party feet's and the chaos is so blinding that it is leaving them breathless!
We witness the Birth of two seemingly different people movement in America:
The movement that elected Obama against Hillary in the primary election was actually a movement against the Democratic establishment, so the Tea party movement is against the Republican establishment.
Both movements are so welcome in the political arena because their reason for existence is the same: massive and profound dissatisfaction with the current affairs of the state, with the even worse outlook the more and more economy is taking a nosedive.

The Tea Party movement is a revolt toward the Republican party disparity with their value proclamations vs. factual reality. GOP claim to be conservative, but the preservation they uphold has little to with people values and everything to do with the bank bailout of Wall Street, or the ever rising deficit…

The Progressive movement is a revolt toward the Democratic party disparity with their values proclamations vs. factual reality. Democrats will hold the working people hands in showing understanding and support in their pursuit of better wages, but will vote over in continuation of a ever eroding standard of living of the middle class giving subsidy to the big Corporations followed by little or no help for the Main Street…
On top of all the profound misfortune that our Nation face in the past couple of Years, going to the worse crises since the Great Depression, our Supreme court decision give unprecedented, limitless possibility of any politically interested entity to pour unlimited resources into our election process in order to support their candidates of choice!

Should we be concern because of that?
Or should we see it as another frivolous attempt to smear our Election?
Smile my dear Progressives, cause the Power of the Money that is pouring into the election process, Individual or Corporate, Domestic or Foreign lays not in how much influence they can buy, but how much we believe, how strong our convictions are and how many of Us are up for sale!
- When You have unemployment at around 10%, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When You have millions of people waiting their mail for the unemployment check, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people that are working two jobs, just to keep their nose above the water, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people who are forced to work longer, harder, better, just to keep their jobs, petrified that they are the next wave to be laid off, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
- When you have millions of people who’ve been force out of their houses, so the bank can have a whole empty neighborhood in possession like a spoiled child playing monopoly, conventional wisdom doesn’t apply!
Progressives and the Tea Party are all people with conviction, two faces of the same coin, two bad none of them still can't see that!
Sometime at work I watch Fox News, or CNN, but no tone, just the picture, and I can't make a difference between the Tea Party rallies and The Presidents rallies if I don't look at the signs!
All I can see is the same "Dress for less" bodies of a working class people with the stamp of pale no nutrition Wal-Mart food on their faces!

Cause we are all the same. They just herd us in pits against each other, divide us with our different beliefs, geographic locations, status and looks, while we are all the same:
- What is the popular name: Main Street! Middle "going poor lately" class...
All the same pain and fear what the wind blow from China and India will bring to our doorsteps?
Should I remind my readers that all those people are the people who actually vote…does anyone ask the question:
- What abut the people that never enter the voting process?
- What about people who quit voting long ago if they ever voted?
- What about the "Welfare queens driving Cadillac’s " who are blamed for years to collect welfare checks being to lazy to go out and look for a jobs, when their only silent cry is "take Your food stamps, we don't need Your Charity", cause Welfare is like a charity, one trip to the grocery, and it is gone...
- What about the Laws obeying citizens who toil and toil day after day and then all of a sudden a wind blow from China or India close the door on their Factory or their domain of expertise become obsolite, or the Economy downturn leaves them holding the bags being laid off, so they took all the Faith they ever have in their own Government and on the day the first unemployment check arrive they realize that they have to be grateful to who exactly and for...for that???
Yes... all of you Democrats who wonder how come people don't come out and vote for you even though you are the only ones who fight for them, just take a look at the unemployment benefits checks and you will know why?
If you are guilty of not knowing, cause there is no other explanation how can such an insignificant amount be called "benefits" when it fits no one, benefit no one, just imagine how much the GOP is out of touch with the working poor of America cause of their shameless effort to cut even that misery, under the claim that it’s spoiling the citizenry by making them dependent on the Government!
Let get this straith:
- "Unemployment Benefits" are not making anyone dependent on the Government: they just make grown men cry!
- What about the Immigrants who came to our shore? Yes, some snuck in trough the Desert and they are used like a sacrificial lamb and are called names even though their crime start pursuing dreams of a better tomorrow...all Immigrant ever dream about when coming to America is the dream of a better life, which reality pushed down the tube of bad, overcrowded apartment floors and long, cruel hours of laboring for nothing at all...days turning into years will kill any dreams under the cold pressure of reality, and when the day comes for them to become legal citizens and be able to cast their votes, they simply don’t believe their vote will change anything...reality has no party name...
What if all of those people come out and vote?
What will happen if those different, completely abandoned parts of the American population came out and vote?
Who they going to vote for if they vote?
Why is this Question so important?
Because they outnumber individually both parties!
Are they going to come out and vote...after all, this crises did hit them the most...
Are they going to come out and vote for you?
Well, my fellow Democrat they will vote for who ever step into their wretched neighborhoods… They will vote for you if You hold a rally there with an honest "I'm sorry I did this!"
Because you so called Democrats did this, not the GOP, YOU!
The GOP is the businessmans party and they are not shy about it! Their creed is blunt and never changing: help the business, to help everyone else…not much to it, but they stick to their Guns…
The Democrats are claiming to be the populist party, so it happen under Your...what...

- Year after Year, decade after decade of ignorance!

Yes, Democrats You should say sorry to all of them, cause You claim to be the Political Party that care!

Then do that…
All those people are hungry for a recognition, for apology and for an extended hand that can lift them up on their feet!
Show them the hand, touch they rough skin, hug their warm bodies, heel their broken soul!
Victory will be Yours!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HEALTH CARE REFORM AND THE FUTURE OF IT: Single Payer System also known as Medicare

Health Care Reform: A straw that break the camel back!
For all the Progressives that was the cold shower that came out of nowhere after a very stormy love affair they have for over a year with The President, then Candidate Hopeful!
Democrats fall in Love, Republican fall in line!
Never really understand that until this Midterm Election of 2010!
To all of You Progressives before I continue with my line of thought about the issue at hand, let me ask You a very simple question:
   - Are You Progressive who is so disappointed in The President or You are Progressive who is so disappointed in the current political state of the afaires?
Cause  The President is just one Man, in a Democracy You can vote him out; but if You really scratch the surface, do You honestly want to replace him with the alternative under the same economic system???
The failure of the Health care Reform?
What a joke that was!- A thriller of it own kind!
The house pass the Public Option...kind of...but so watter down in the different Commissions and chambers, but they passed at least!
And just when We start breading again... it just stuck in the Senate!
There it was: like a good Diner and a movie but no trill in the guts!
Love We could not squeeze from a single Republican, or so they say...
The reality was The blue dogs Democrat get their cold feet and they pull and push to somehow get warm and ready for the final stroke...and they fall...smoke, but no Public Option!
We fell betrayed of course, after all We have a champagne cooling next to our beds...and a strawberries glass... not to mention how much did We invest to make the night perfect!
Oh, come on!
Progressives...grow up!
Get the morning after pill and get off your high horse, OK!
The Health Care Bill no matter how imperfect is, no matter how grotesquely deform it is, we must understand that is just a reflection of the people we have in Washington DC, that's all...
The Health Care bill that pass the Congress and land on the President desk to be sign in Law was a product of bipartisan deals and negotiation, with the sticky fingers of the lobbyists, ridden with goodies to the Health Care Monopolies, sort of like the culture of our Elected Officials, period!
The question You should be asking Yourself in order to get sober is:
   - Imperfect the way it is, yet, when set in place, do we have today better Health Care system then the one we have before before?
My opinion is: Yes, we do! Here is why: If that disaster of a Reform save only one life then  it was worth it, and it Was the President who save that single life!
The change moment happen when The President face the House GOP if you remember, and reap them apart with in debt knowledge on every issues they attack him with, calm and fearless...
And I remember The Health Care "summit" when he said to one of the GOP:
   - "We talking about people who are  making $ 40 000 or less a year if they still have the jobs..."
So making that part of the Health Care Reform crystal clear, let me ask you my dear Progressives:
Did you like the idea of a public option? Did you rather be having a single payer system?
I know, I do!
So when I stop and focus on the Health Care issues I'm actually grateful to GOP and those screaming Tea Party people who scared the bejesus out of the "blue dogs"!
They did all of us a favour indeed!
While we are at the Single Payer system let clear the air and start with the following few questions:
How many people understand what Single Payer system really is?
How many people believe it is a Government takeover of the Health Care?
How many believe it will be a tax burden to all of us?
How many Progressives believe in the myth that it is a Human Right oppose to the not so glorious reality as a Human Privilege?
Well guess what:
The answer is one for all of those question one and the same: it is none of the above!
Single payer system is not a human right, nor a privilege...
First and foremost, single payer system is a different set of mind, higher conscience based on the knowledge that we human discover and conquer the old natural enemies: germs and viruses, generations upon generation of humans pass that trial and mistake knowledge to all of us today and it is a duty of the society to provide the care cause it is a Civilization Heritage of Us all!

How many people among progressives have that set of mind?
Not many, I will add...

Let move to the next step: if we focus at the problem of Health Care we need to dismiss every illusions we have about:
   - Why we, like a society, need a Single Payer System?
The answer is very simple:
   - Single payer system is the cheapest HC system develop everywhere in the world...

CountryLife expectancyInfant mortality ratePhysicians per 1000 peopleNurses per 1000 peoplePer capita expenditure on health (USD)Healthcare costs as a percent of GDP% of government revenue spent on health% of health costs paid by government
  wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Cross-country comparisons of health care cost

   They say the picture is worth a thousand is this data...
   We spend the highest percentage of our GDP on health care witch is THE MOST expensive in the world, but as we can see, that's only half of the health care cost our Government paid to the Health care private participants, meaning, that even so expensive, our HC system don't include premiums paid in order people as well as our Employers to purchase profit based Insurance, nor they include out of pocket expenses people face every time they get sick and need a medical help...
The GOP screams in order to protect their lavish campaign contributors interest, as well as many of the Democrats in the Congress, but  make no mistake:
The future of the Health Care system in America is including everyone in the health care system that is already in place in America, and it is called Medicare!
Yes, Medicare is a single payer Government regulated, operated and implemented system and our senior love it...  and they will love it even more if there is no plan A,B,C,D, no donuts wholes no supplemental insurance at all...
All we need to do is send people in Washington DC who believe that every single American should not be discriminated against and deserve a decent Medicare for all...
That lead us to the question of: rising Medicare cost!
What a joke that is: day in and days out the GOP is screaming about that and we Progressives are wiggling like a kids in a school chair on a math test without real answers!
   - Well don't!
The Problems of Medicare are not the aging Populations, coming of age of the Baby boomers, or the fact that people live longer and longer, that is the most pitiful excuse not worth a eon of time spend on reflection on it...
The Medicare cost, as well as the Health Care cost are constantly rising because of the mix of the Public and Private entity collecting the occurring bills!
There is three Monopolies that Are constantly building up the price of medical services:
   1. The Hospitals, private and public...
   2. The Pharmaceutical Industry: the drugs  producers as well as medical equipments suppliers...
   3. The Insurance Companies!
They all are driving the prices of medical cost up for all of us, not just Medicare, cause they are bound like every other Corporation out there to make more and more profit with every passing quarter!
If we dedicate our lifestyle to a healthy green living and we don't need their services, they will rise the prices to sustain their growth! We are nothing more then a cost for them...
In all honesty: they will relentlessly perform better the sickest and worse we are like a Nation!
Now the most important question is:
   -What can we do about it!
My answer is very simple:
Single payer system for insurance, strong public Medical sector where the employees are strong Unionized medical professionals who upon desire can open private practice, but meanwhile they can work as any other Government employee with a set time without looking how many patients they have in a given day, but to make sure their patients well being come first...sort of like in any Western develop Countries...
That will bring the cost pf Medicare down and here is why:
   - If We take the Profits of the  Insurance Companies out of the equation the cost of the Medicare will go down!
   - If We use public aka taxpayers money to build medical infrastructure the price of the Medicare will go down!
   - If We use the buying power of the size of the Federal Government to search for competitive pharmaceutical, including out of the country drugs suppliers, the price of the Health Care in general will go down! 
My Dear Progressives it is an economic laws coming into a place, and those Laws are sort of like a gravity: They happen like it or not, period!
The Problems of Medicare for all of our Citizen are purely of political long as we accommodate the Special Interest of the Three Monopolies we will never have a Health Care that will serve our Nation, but our Nation will serve the Health Care providers!
The change will come sooner then we anticipate, cause the health care cost are hurting the bottom line of every other Corporations...they becoming to big to bare in the ever competing Global Market!
So far, GOP will like to trow all of us into the pang of the Health Care Private merciless Industry, but most of the people are becoming aware that there is another option...cheapest and more effective for the Nation...and those views I am sure will eventually prevail...


Let talk about the Corporation without gloves...

No one really like the Corporations, and rightly so: they sucking the daylight of every workers all over the world, so when I say that I am a Progressive of the   -" How much left I can turn" kind and I state further that I admire them, of course You, my dear readers will be more then shocked!

Stay with me a little longer the plot thickens!

I admire the Corporations!
Their whole design is a cunning utilization of the material & human resources.
An ultimate money making machine, got to love that!
A beast that I rather have on leash next to my feet then facing her claws and pangs in the Dark!
How can We tame the Beast?
Knowing her weak spot!

So, if we look for Corporations weaknesses in their internal structure and function we are in for a surprise: they don't have One!
What make their Achilles heel is not inside of the Corporation but outside of their control: it is a whip that make them scream in pain and it is their ultimate demise call Wall Street!

There they rise and fall!

Wall Street is forcing them to find a never ending new way to meet and deepen the bottom line so they can show more profitability, more growth, in order their stock to rise!

How can we protect ourselves then against that cut and slash ultimate no conscience money making machine?

Why don't We make a new "New Deal" with Corporate America?
Is that a possibility?
My answer is Yes!
For one, we can ask the biggest dog in the neighborhood to come to our protection: Federal Government!

Congress can set the new ground rule and The President can sigh them into a Laws that  Corporate America has to follow and Wall Street have to accept like:
   1. Elevating the minimum wage to a standard of living wage using broader CPI
   2. Working day being drop to 6 hours instead of today 8 hours per day!

This two simple legislative measure will restructure our Economy and will solve the unemployment issue on the long run without a dime of a new debt...cause will reach deep into the pocket of Corporate America cash stockpile...

The implementations of those simple measure is not a question of doability, of course is doable:
1938 we get 8 hours and if You read the press of that time, I assure You the business was going Armageddon for sure...yet 70 and more years letter, they still making record profits!
The implementations of those simple measure is not a question of affordability either...
We produce more goods and services today in 6 hours then the Greatest Generation in 8 hours before and after the War, it is called productivity and it had a virtual Quantum leap during the 80' and 90' due to computerization's of the means of production... look at the Productivity Indicators from the leading Economists!

It is a question of the  Awakening of the American Working populations and pressing Congress to stand tall to Corporate America! By working population I understand whoever make a paycheck does not matter if the task is cleaning the school corridors, or working for an estimate Wall Street financial Corporation and ranking a 6 digit yearly salary...Its still a salary, its still working to get paid...

We have to clear some illusions we have about the relations between Labor and business... namely:

It is not theirs to give us anything, it is ours to ask for it, to be aware of our values as Human beings, that we work and contribute much more in the Cake of Our Nation Wealth, and that part call Productivity is not solely due to technological Progress, but to our better skills that follow that Progress respectively... To be a janitor today require operating at least one cleaning machine, not to mention how every single job requirement is specter of multitasking performance in daily activity...Even copy our paycheck cause our Corporation go green, ergo paperless force our work force to know basic computer skills...saves a body or two in Human Resource not just!

If we are not aware of our value, we will never be appreciate it, and we will never get any credit in a form of income increase for it, cause we will never be aware to demand anything!

Why? Cause Corporate America will never respect our effort or our time...we are the one who should...

Elevating the minimum wage to a level of a living wage is actually the easiest ever, cause right now every Union use the CPI ( Consumer Price Index measure inflation in a given country following number of items to calculate the cost of living maintaining certain standard of living level also known as COLI...) to negotiate every Labor Wage increase.

Needless to say is that every Union wage increase is linear wage increase to a whole Industry wages, in order to prevent the rest of the Work force going Union...Clever on the part of Corporate America, is in it!

The problem is that in calculating the CPI Corporate America is using the lobbying Power usually over members of both Parties, but GOP mostly, and Congress rarely add but most of the time shred so many items that will accurate the cost of living...

   " Between 1971 and 1977, the United States CPI increased 47%.
In 2009, the Consumer Price Index fell for the first time since 1955."

wikipedia the free encyclopedia, under CPI history

The CPI not just fall down starting with the Reagan Revolution and trickle down poverty economics...the working people standard of living start falling short every year, every decade with the real buying power of their wages cause the CPI become bias by political interest!

"A first-order" bias of the CPI in the other direction has been argued to its failure to measure fully improvements in quality over time:
-change in prices of good and services that are included in measure of Cost of living index COLI;
-introduction of new goods and services if ignored;
-quality change in existing goods and services;
-shift in shopping pattern "
wikipedia the free enciclopedia, under CPI history

Ever wonder why our bills keep rising but officially there is no inflation or the inflation is so You understand...
One thing that need to be changed immediately is the calculation of minimum wage per family of four, two adult and two children as necessary for simple reproduction, according to wildly accept demographic Laws, and not just an individual as it is today...Workers do have families and any jobs should provide a decent support of the worker family! This notion is dated sinse the dawn of  Modern Economics:

   "A man must always live by its work and his wages must at least be sufficient to maintain him. They must even upon most occasion be somewhat more, otherwise will be impossible for him to bring up a family and the race of such workman could not last beyond the first generation... upon this account, to suppose that the lowest species of common labourers must everywhere earn at least double their own maintenance in order that one with another be able to bring up two children... "
Adam Smith, The Wealth of the Nation, page 77.

Next, because every Profession require different set of skills to perform a job, and I don't see why we will not give a voice to every Profession on the bargaining table with Corporate America to lay out its concerns trough massive Democratisation of the Working force, namely that our Government can give to the middle class called: Employee Free Choice Act! 

Unions are powerless in America and that is not just because of their shrinking membership due to the jobs flying overseas, mostly manufacturing jobs, but also as a consequence of ability of Corporate America to stall and actually never meet the Labor Demands until they discourage the Unions members or slowly firing them over the months and years of delays in  negotiations!
Needless to say, Corporate America can afford to do that cause Union come solely, as one individual Union instead as a Workers Labor Organization that will embrace all the Union in one broad Labor Force!

Workers in America need to understand that every profession needs to go Union, it does not matter how tiny the workforce is if they stand together, they can bring down to its knees any Corporations...

Cause the only way to seat Corporate America on the negotiation table and accomplish something will happen only if Workers fight Power with Power!
There is no other way to talk with Corporate America: Workers shouln't beg, plead or ask for compassion's!
Workers should demand fully aware of their contribution...
There is so many unemployed educated young people who can engage in scientific evaluation of the market justification of the input of labor in the profitability of any given Corporation...
If Union set an Agenda they will pursuit in their negotiation that Agenda will make people wanna join Union and become Power in Numbers facing Corporate Power of expensive Lawyers in a fancy suits...

Pure and simple with One Voice!

That is the only way to "Negotiate"with Corporate America!