Monday, October 11, 2010


The Greatest intellectual puzzle of the 20th Century is the rise of the Nazis!
How The Hell The German People Turn  From Hitler Youth To The Whole Nazis Nation???

Was Hitler such a Great Orator who cleverly lure them with his speeches of National Greatness so they shred overnight every compassion and empathy, like he put a spell over  them and they become sort of a Goblins named SS troops, Gestapo Police and an Army of Dead Fire Squads!
How on Earth they were able to turn the blind eyes and deaf ears on the atrocity that were happening all around them, like they were all muted all of a sudden!
Did they toss in their beds on the other side awaken from the screams in the hallways, and they cover their ears with the pillows so they will not listen anymore how they drug their neighbors into the night onto oblivion!
Didn't they see how people were disappearing from their neighborhood, or their workplace?
Didn't they notice the missing playmates of their children on the playground or empty chair in the school classes?
When the Hitlers Army start marching did they gather under the radio in the pubs, or barber shops and cheer on the News of their Mighty Invincible Army, rooting for Victory like it is a football much, a combat of no regret, except it wasn't a football much, it was a War, and the score was a distraction of  some distant City!
Didn't they know that bombing means a lot of innocent civilian casualty?
Didn't they know that they unleash the Forth Horseman of the Apocalypse that start marching with them:
Conquest, War, Famine and Death!

On the Nuremberg trial one after another German officials claim innocence of the War atrocity with the casual defence:
They did not know what was happening in Auschwitz, or Dachau, or on the Russian Front, or anywhere where Germany invaded other Nations, until Hitlers architect Albert Speer, famous like "The Nazi that say I'm sorry" stand up and say: We didn't know because we didn't wont to know:
"In political life, there is a responsibility for a man's own sector. For that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State?"
                                                          Albert Speer,1946 Nuremberg trial

What cause the German People Silent Crime in a nut shell?
Patriotism gone a stray?
Collective ignorance?
Deep rooted religious prejudice?

If We can hold a Nuremberg Trial today for the Victims of the Recession, who will be indicted for the Crime against Humanity?
Who are the Germans and the Jews among Us?

Are We not turning a blind eyes and a deaf ears to the victims of the Bad Economy?

All those people that get lay off, they just disappeared from our lives! Only a memories, if any is left behind!
We see the sigh of foreclosure popping up in our neighborhoods and we just passing by!
We are looking at the pale faces or the obese bodies of the school children and we don't even blink with our eyes!
We passing those tombs of flowers and picture on the high school pavement and We don't even stop to read their story! Just another tomb on the streets, another brick in the Wall of broken souls!
We are buying all those cheep goodies from abroad, and we don't bother where they were made! Some sweatshops or a child make them for a nickel and a dime!
We are waging a War for a 9 long years killing our soldiers and their civilians, but We still believe that Our Military is bringing Democracy to those Nations! It is just those ungrateful rascals can't see that!
Didn't we learn that War is the last Resort Wealthy use to grab Foreign Nations National Treasures?
Every War...
Yet We commit the Biggest "Final Solution" of our Days called TARP the Wall Street bailout!
One after another our prominent public figures come out and claim they didn't have an idea for the scope of the problem, but the dire straits were upon Us and We need it to act promptly!
Even Greenspan did not know!
Poulson was asking for a blank Treasury check to "save" the economy nearing a collapse!
-He get only around $ 800 billions!
The dark reality is no one really knows how much money the FED pure into the banking system...
No one knows!
So what they were doing on the economy classes: they sleep or skip them altogether?
What book they were learning from anyways?
They did not Know!
Is in it their Duty to Know?
Can We indicted them?
And when their Crimes start?
Factory start closing long ago in America, witch by itself don't make a sense: Corporations never loose!
Never ever...
What they calling a loss is their quarterly underperformance!
Their loss is when  they are making less then the quarter before!
That is all...
Just a blip on the screen of a Corporate Performance, and yet they will lay off and cut loose the livelihood of millions of people and send them into the Path of Economic Gas Chamber of  Poverty, while all of Us are  worry about their stock performance!
They destroying the lives of millions of our  fellow citizens, they rip open the fabric of their lives, some never to be patch again!
How many will succumb to a disease loosing the jobs and the health care?
How many will get stress related sicknesses?
How many will lost everything in the crash and are to old to start all over?
Don't we know what is a consequences of malnutrition, obesity, or a lack of sleep due to a two jobs workload, or no job at all?
A whole Generation of Young kids in their prime years sit around doing nothing or dying for a back or two in a hostile land protecting the pillage of the ground witch is not theirs!

No one is taking responsibility!
Hey... they already said they don't know!
Still they get $ 800 billions to "save the Economy"
What Economy?

I understand the wish of the business owners to grow and open a Factory lane oversea, making more money does not boggle my mind, but why on  Earth to close the Main Land Factory? Both were making money, I dare anyone to deny my statement with a Numbers that said otherwise!
Every Factory or business Corporate America  ever close was making money, They just did not make so much as those oversea!
The question that boggle my mind is: -Why they let them do it?
Who was the Chief of State when the levy on a Corporate America broke, a Charismatic leader who lure American People into a Believe of a Shining City on the Hill only if we shred our compassion and empathy for those forsaken Jews among Us, and We cut and slash them into oblivion, turn the back on them cause it is a new Morning in America!
A wave will come and lift all the boat!

Did We forget that the Name of the Wave that lift all the boats is Union?

Who was the Chief of State who undermine the Unions and turn them into a Public Mischiefs and Mongrel who are asking something for nothing!
The most important questions are:
When will all this Economic atrocities  stop?
When will this Political War of equally Impotent Ideas of the Both Party turn toward the reasonable solutions?

When the American People turn the back of the German inside and see the Jew in the mirror!
When We realise that We are all sacrificed  on the altar of Greed and selfishness of our Current Politics owned by Corporate America!- When We find the Guts to point to a whole leading Party subscribe to the Modern Day Holocaust, and the other Party Establishment that follow them trowing crumbs from the Corporate Cake for Us to be pick up from the bottom floor!

If we still believe that the Magic Wave will come and lift all the boats out of nowhere We are not ready for a tsunami that is heading toward our shores!

All the "Roaring 20' stile" Corporate Media is selling to Us are just a smoke screen to cover the rising Sea of Poverty all over the World!

If We still think that It will not reach Us, because We have a Upper Ground...Well, think again!

Corporate America is  Sailing The Open Sea for the last thirty Years, and Who ever let them pillage and roam through its own National Resources, they will stop on their shore!
Make no mistake, they maybe start with the Manufacturing business , but they will shot down any business when they find a fertile ground to grow him oversea, they will cut any benefits We enjoy today, they will pay Us less and less with the passage of the quarters, not Years, and they will leave us hanging alone in the Jungle of the Ever Changing World because their ship sail under no flag!

Those of You who still doubt and think We are safe cause they are our Corporate... Think again!

They have no sense of Patriotism, or Duty or National Pride cause they only Icon is the Rising Golden Bull!

The saddest side of the story is that they miss the lesson from history also!
The Nazis did not bring destruction only to the Nations they invade, but to its own motherland, and to the rest of the World...
The Jews were not the only people drown in the Whirlpool of Death, but  the World Population suffer a lost, one way or another...

When the Tsunami hit the shore it will wipe everything on its path...
For All of Us today  the thought of undeniable Truth remain: Out of the Ashes of the World War spring the New World!
Out of the darkness of the War a New Renaissance of Ideas was Spur of a better World...


  1. Excellent thought and comparison. Thank you.

  2. After reading your article I see where you are coming from and we agree on this. The truth is at least here in America, Americans aren't paying attention. If they are they feel they are powerless to change a government that will just do what it wants anyway.

    The people despise Congress but reelect them at a rate of over 90 percent. We need 100,000's of people in the street. But this is not going to happen and if it does the government has arranged through Sections 1021 1022 of the NDAA and Bill H.R.347 to make it a crime to do. I believe the government realizes how bad it's going to get and they have prepared for that. The American people are sheep. Comparing them to German citizens who stood by while their neighbors was taken is a good comparison.

    Americans who are still comfortable, who haven't fallen out of the middle class say it's not me yet...but when it is those who have already fallen will not be able to help and so we will all hang separately.

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