Friday, November 25, 2011

IN PURSUIT OF LIFE, LIBERTY AND EVERYDAY HAPPINESS! On all the inalienable rights of the people movement known as Occupy Wall Street

A famous man who win the greatest battle in history of mankind, namely he defeat an Empire without using any force, without shooting a single bullet, once upon a time he said: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

His name was
Mahatma Gandhi and he show his countryman’s how to battle an enormous powerful opponent using his straight against it, with one simple word…

Noncompliance…non cooperation…non violence…

On my last post I left U in the midst of the Income tax debate to savor the role of the part of our Citizens who were showing their disobediences all over America in most colorful ways: dressed like and 18 Century Revolutionaries…
I claim that they are no more then Reactionaries, that even their concerns are legitimate, their anger is misplaced…not solely cause of their nostalgical dreams of yesterday, but cause the Party they subscribe use and misused them profoundly all those years purposely manufacturing deceit called Free Market Utopia…
Today we will reflect on the other part of our Citizens who were similarly used and abused as our Tea Party people were, namely the so called Obama movement!
You know, those people who carry the President from a unknown Senator from Illinois, till the White House, and all those young people who surf the net, and buzz the word change like undercurrent only to find themselves forgotten and left behind year letter…
I remember the energy, I remember the Hope, I remember the enthusiasm cause well, I was part of it…
I did ride the pink cloud…till I witness the Democrats empty and impotent Politics, their betrayal of the Public Option, and the relentless compromises they did over and over “in our behalf…”
There is no easy way to say this, so I will say this simplest as I can:
- The scope of manipulation, of misinformation that surround this crises is appalling beyond measure!
- The undermining of its own people that Republicans did for decade and the appearance of help from the Democrat is appalling!
- The welfare, the food stamps, the unemployment benefits, the regulations no one uphold, Laws that are dead on arrival...

To me it look like the Congress don’t understand, or they simply don’t give a damn about what will happen on Main Street cause they just don’t live there!

There is a perceived fallacy that there is two separate and different school of Economic thought, like they fight their economic ideas: Austrian/Chicago school, vs Keynesian school...
Now…what a joke that is!
Its a game of a good cop, bad cop they play with Us the people.
The real issue is the crises.
Austrian School of economics ( Milton Friedman is no less Austrian even he is considered a founder of a new school known as Chicago trickle down economics, then he is pupil of Mises ) stand for Free Market Economy, and on the other side are Keynesians School of Economics who stand for Free Market Economy... differences! None…
They have its own “founders” but never the less they both serve and promote Free Market Economy as much as possible!
Till the crises hit!
Free Market Economy is just a fancy name for Capitalism...
Capitalism is an economic system prone to crises, every decade like clockwise. for sure, and when he does, the Republican or Austrian/Chicago boy will recall to say:
- Let it be...does not matter who will suffer, the system will bounce back! If we intervene in the Market, the crises recovery will be slow and agonizing process that will take years…
The democrat Keynesian student will jump on those words like hit by a naked electricity cord and say:
- Are You out of Your mind? What a preposterous Idea! We can't take a risk of Public pain turning into a populist movement cause the stakes are too high! People may awaken to a new idea and overturn the whole system into something that is called Socialism!Remember Russia…We have to act and use the Power of the Government to employ all the misplaced people. We are not savages…Its 21 Century after all!
So the Keynesian step in, sooner or letter, as we see in our recent history...
During Bush last year in office people were loosing their jobs, left and right, they never even make a news on Sunday Media talk shows!
Then the New administration came, and what did they do?
What is the Keynesian approach?
-We will band aid the pain so the population will not be aware that they are no more then a frog in a boiling water!
They start a series of Public interventions known as "The Stimulus" and small local patchwork Investment in Infrastructure...
Ahh…the Keynesian way, that Wealthy people adore, cause it basically translate to:
-Let the Government borrow from the Wealthy, in order to hire a part of the populations while the rest who are outside of the sphere of intervention will wait for their turn of a good luck. The deeper the crises, the longer the slow recovery, but the result is the same, the Capitalism will bounce back, the "weakling" will be cleaned naked, and we will be off for a new business cycle! We prevent the system from any populist movement, so now we can go back to its base principles: free market...
Meanwhile the politicians wishing reelection will bring some New Regulations, New Laws that will prevent the same crises happening again in the future!
It work with the population, every single time…
Both school are designed to spread the Gospel of the Free Market, being the ultimate Salvation!
Austrian, pure Market, or Friedman Reaganomics dominate and rule our life even when Democrats control the White House, perfect example is Clinton…
To uphold Keynes who is no more then a plumber called only when the System is clog and the Capitalism have no chance of unclogging itself alone!
Keynes has never intervene with the Social Programs, they are pure Government decisions under pressure of massive public unrest as it was in the 30’ during the Great Depression…
As soon as the system come out of the crises, the sole goal of both Political Parties is to reverse, alter or repeal all the restriction and regulations they legislate under the promise..."so the greedy will be under control and they will not wreck the economy as they did last time"...
A good cop, bad cop...while we the people end with a same jail sentence called: unemployment, foreclosures, small business failure...
You know...the usual...
This time Republican drop the ball…big time…I mean they play the game so boldly that they overplayed their own cards!
"But, in general, the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade"- Karl Marx

Are we supposed to be surprised with the Occupy Wall Street movement?

It took almost three decades since American people were set aside on the race track of Progress to be fed on the leftover from the Corporate World, while their Income gradually melted and their indebtedness grow!
It was Obama Movement, then it was Tea Party movement and nowadays, the profound dissatisfaction and growing pain of the working people culminate into a massive outburst occupying every major city!
This crises ferocity broth them together…
Both Movement become Occupy Wall Street identifying the same enemy: The Financial Market who wreck not just their present livelihood, but their future too!
Both movement demand Change:
The Conservative right embrace Tea Party cause they never really ask for real change! Tea Party slogan “tax enough already” in reality never ask for money in a form of shifting the tax burden from the middle class to the wealthy, as the Occupiers of Wall Street demand! They just declare that “we the people” are taxed over our head! TRUE!
Well, yeah…
Lo and behold, GOP, a Party that pledge for lowering their own people taxes, cause You see, rich people are people to, normally - embrace the Tea Party movement, and in a way, sadly but true, when the Congressional Republican members speak of people they do not derail the Truth, they just don’t pinpoint the truth behind their words…
"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."- Abraham Lincoln

In the following months after the midterm election its become clear that thing are not going to change, they are actually becoming worse!
Many of the Tea Party people finally realize that there is a connection between burden of taxes, deficit, Corporate welfare, and that “we the people” are the ones who always paying the bill!
Many of the Tea Party people realize that there will always be a way to find money for Wars, Corporate loopholes, Wall Street bailouts, but never enough for the people needs for a decent wages, solid health care, education or retirement!
Many of the Tea Party people realize that in the end of the day, when they close the door on politics, they face the same thing as the rest of Us: shrinking paychecks and ever rising cost of living!
Many of the Tea Party people realize that when all is said and done, all our differences disappear, we are all the same: Impoverish working people of America!
So they come to occupy Wall Street with us…
The Corporate Media set Us to hate them for so long that even the most open Progressive Liberals can hardly swallow the reality: part of Wall Street occupiers are Tea Partiers too!
The Corporate Power Players and their puppets on Capitol Hills that I will refer to simple as Powers in my future adress, will do anything to undermined the Occupy Wall Street, movement, but all they do its making it bigger!
The Powers use and abuse the Tea Party movement just as they use and abuse the Obama movement! They betray both of them and now to their surprise they facing Occupy Wall Street movement!
The Powers wonder where those occupiers come from?
Who are they?
What do Occupy Wall Street really want?
Most of all, the Powers see the energy OWS has and they want to utilize it in their favor, wondering:

- How do we use and abuse them again?

First they ignore the movement, rarely any Media send a crew there!
Then the spread of OWS all over America like a wild fire, make it impossible for the Corporate Media to ignore it anymore so they mock them calling them all the names imaginable:
They are a mob, young, foolish, liberal, unemployed, leeches, parasites, anarchists, brainwashed, communists, dangerous, untrustworthy, rabble rousers, terrorists…to name just a few…

Making fun of OWS was an attempt to undermine, discredit, sway people from supporting the occupiers! OWS message was always the same! REAL CHANGE
Tea Party want to restore the past, OWS want to own the future and that simple creed that lift so many Generations: "You can make it if You work hard"- The American dream!
Both movement are mislead, cause the American people are mislead for so many Generation missing the point:
The financial meltdown is just a part of the broader economic system - Capitalism, and its that system that don't really want to change, nor any establish political party want to shake the Corporate boat risking to found itself falling overboard into the deep ocean!
Capitalism work well in the past, work well today and will work well in the future! The problem is that the “
well” part belong only to the Wealthy…
All that the System will accept are small minor corrections in the outfit for the public...a band aid, or a make up! To expect more is naïveté!
Those who expect one of our Political Party alone to fix the unfixable is beyond pale! Look "Obama care" and You will get the picture!
Our political establishment, both Party, they not just kill the Public Option, they drag the HC into years of implementation giving their campaign donors and Special Interest plenty of time to adjust and find loophole in the “bill” or rewrite it altogether! We get a bill, they preserve the Insurance based HC system!
Brace Yourself my Dear progressive, and shake the illusions:

- Every Washington DC legislation that will restrict profitability of Corporate America will be risky legal enterprise beside being doom to fail!

There is a reason why Democrat don’t dwell much on the OWS parks!
Does anyone really think that any “new regulations” will tame the Power Wall Street has? Ask about the Tobin tax or Glass–Steagall Act…
Does anyone really believe any “new regulations” will tame the power Corporations have? Ask about the National Labor Relations Act, also known as Wagner act, Norris – La Guardia Act, various Labor Laws, including Child Labor Laws that “affect those under the age of 18 in a variety of occupations” that we proudly break sending our kids to learn “responsibilities” working at McDonalds etc!
Does anyone really think that we need more OSHA acts, or new Tariffs, or new Environmental Laws?
Or we should wonder why we don’t respect and uphold those Regulations and Laws we already have, even we unquestionable support and maintain enormous bureaucracy that follow them?
I can see the Congress railing around those lines…I can see both Party railing along those of pathetic…
"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."Tacitus, Roman Historian

What the Power miss about OWS is the fact that OWS are mostly Young unemployed, but educated people and they dont need another Law in the book, so they will not withdraw from Occupying our Cities cause that will be turning their back on their own dreams, ergo police brutality!
What all those Mayors, Governors & Politicians don't understand is that any arrest is badge of honor for the children of Internet…
So now the system fight them, pulling white rabbit out of it's sleeves, imposing millions of excuses and justifications for Police Department raids and rules!
Many wonder why so many OWS get arrested while no arrest occur on all the Tea Party rallies!
The answer is very simple actually: OWS isn't a Rally, nor a 3 pm meeting one week in November!
Their numbers will grow cause The Poverty, The Injustice and The Income Inequality keep growing every passing day!
They are there to stay cause they have no other place they ratter be...
They are there to stay till a real change took place in our Society!
Real change in the life of ordinary people will require a new mind set that will shake the Corporate World inside out…
Make no mistake, every passing day that the occupiers spend on the streets talking, sharing their stories, and feeling their own pain is a learning experience about the alternative that are out there...New World open for those Young and restless souls, all of a sudden being aware of the possibility and starve for a higher ground they set themselves on a learning curve…Library of books they never heard of pop up in those park…no wonder the police raids confiscate books in Zuccotti Park last week…
Breaking up camping grounds is just a start: normally, the Powers will go down the list of mind warfare, they will hurt many of the Protesters, more and more, they may sand provocateurs, they may retaliate to people who work and spend time in those protest, but in the end, they will loose, make no mistake about that!
Don’t despair OWS: First they ignore You, then they mock You, now they will fight You and then You will win!

Another great mind of our recent Human History, learn from Gandhi the calm strategies that win over impossible odds and he set his people on a same path of freedom! He never use force, but his call was like a thunder that echo years after: proud to be maladjusted he advocate civil nonviolent disobedience!
“…But I say to you, my friends…there are certain things in our nation and in the world which I am proud to be maladjusted and which I hope all men of good-will will be maladjusted until the good societies realize.
I never intend to become adjusted to segregation and discrimination.
I never intend to become adjusted to religious bigotry.
I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few.
I never intend to adjust myself to the madness of militarism, to self-defeating effects of physical violence…

Dr. Martin Luther King's speech at Western Michigan University (Dec 18th, 1963).

As we use to have Laws that were just a dead letters on the paper, we where equal for so many years…white and black, man and woman, heterosexual and homosexuals…we were equal under the Law…
It took years for black people till they abolish segregation! But they did it…
It took years for the woman’s to get the right to vote! But they did it…
It took years for homosexual to break the code of silence and public bigotry! But they did it…
They prevail cause they never fall backwards, but they fallow their dreams…
Its preamble in Our Constitution:
"We know these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
Life worth living means not being worry are we going to make it till the next paycheck...
If our wages are shrinking faster then our bare necessity bills are rising, they pushing us into debt as a modern day slaves, and that limit our Constitutional right to Liberty!
If we work long hours, if we need two jobs just to make the end meet, we will never have a time to pursuit whatever joy in our live, and that will limit our Constitutional Right to pursuit what ever make us happy!
Democracy is not a spectator sport…it take participations…and that is what we lack in our lives…that is the real change OWS look for!
The Powers cant grasp that OWS is there to stay...cause the Poverty, Injustice and Income inequality are here to stay!
Being poor in the land of plenty is no one aspiration…
It will take time but we will have Universal single payer Health Care…
It will take time but we will have Free High Education…
It will take time but we will roll back the retirement age and Social Security eligibility on 62 years of age…
It will take time but we will have our minimum wage elevated on a living wage level and Pensions instead of 401k…
Those are workers unalienable right cause our life, our liberty and our inner happiness depend on it…
We will have it all if we hold the line on OWS...


  1. You need to study up on the basics: grammar, composition and spelling. You've rendered yourself unreadable. I know ESL 9th-graders with a better grasp of the English language.

    In the meantime, also read this, to help your understanding of exactly what IS the TEA Party.


  2. Mr. Serr8d is someone who rather than debate the issue will demand we speak in his language the way he thinks it needs to be spoken. I understand Marie perfectly, and she's absolutely correct. Mr. Serr8d has no response other than denigrate the speaker. Typical Teabagger. I hope the reefer he's smoking gags him. Probably has his other hand on his junk.

  3. Great article, not necessarily studying up any kind of grammar, just express yourself,congrats, your Brazilian friend, Carlos.

  4. Al, you've mistaken the TEA Party with the Owwie movement (dopers all). And, the OWS movement is quickly approaching 5,000 arrests nationwide; the TEA Party has had zero (0) arrests.

    You, my goat-blowing friend, make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Which is exactly what I expect from LeftLibProgg neo-Marxist emotives.

  5. I won't even attempt to deal with all of the rambling nonsense in this post. This will suffice:

    "Being poor in the land of plenty is no one aspiration"

    True. But this didn't become the land of plenty by guaranteeing people plenty of goods without them working for it. That "plenty" doesn't just fall from the sky, you know.

    And you have the order all wrong. First we mocked you, then we broke up your illegal camps, and now you all are hardly in the news anymore. You will never win, because unlike Gandhi, you have no concrete goals by which you can measure any success.

  6. Thank you Marie, Wonderful article! I appreciate you very much!
    This last decade especially has been so audaciously atrocious as to make many of us despair...which is why the Occupy Movement has been so refreshing and has felt so revitalizing.
    Blessings to you ~~~

  7. From the uninformed mouths of the right Serr8d. The utter irony here is his Tory Spelling and Kelsey Grammar police impersonation when in fact the Tea Baggers were the rats scurrying around with protest signs full of spelling and grammatical errors...

    Then You show YOUR true stupidity by claiming that the Occupy movement are a bunch of "Doppers" rendering your credibility to zero.

    I'm not certain what is greater, Your Arrogance or Your Ignorance. One thing for certain, based on your pathetic comments, You don't have enough substance to fill a sewing thimble on a good day.

  8. Sean, it's spelled 'dopers', and you are likely one of 'em.

    Yes, the pungent smell of cannabis is always present at Owwie gatherings; many of the almost 5,000 arrests of these marginal failed morons have been for public intoxication. And, rape; and other crimes no TEA Party activist has committed. Oh, and you have deaths too, don't you? Your pride shows!

    Much has been said about the differences between the TEA Party and you whiny OWS sorts. There are the obvious and glaring differences in maturity levels of the respective participants: compare the number of arrests (700 in one night, at the Brooklyn Bridge); the cleanliness of the rallies (the TEA Party has never felt the need to 'occupy' someone else's park or beshit police cars); and especially note the driving desires behind the movements: OWS people spout ritualistic class envy and seem to bleed green with greed for other people's money. These lowbrow emotions are perhaps spurred on by having a 'Community Organizer'-in-Chief whose permanent campaign seems to ooze class warfare. The TEA Party's principle desire is to salvage and reclaim our perfectly well-written and still-workable Constitution.

    Another huge difference is that the TEA Party realizes that our Government, and both parties that make up the essence of it, are (for a lack of a better descriptor) corrupt. Government is much too large, growing larger by the minute; the OccuTards would accelerate that growth rate even more.

    We of the TEA Party believe the Federal system of government needs to shrink back in size to more acceptable and Constitutional levels; the various States need to become more independent, with naturally differing localized polities. So that California and New York, if they want to be bastions of the far-Left, can be walked away from by individuals who don't want to be so far-Left, to states like Texas and other less 'progressive states'.

    We don't need to be federally homogenized to a single standard, at least not as much as we're becoming. I never want to be a New Yorker, for instance; nor a Californian. But if you do? fine; you can keep your desire to be and act as nice progressives right there in NY and CA. Shit your own bed, Los Angeles and New York and Detroit and Chicago and all the other overpopulated 'burgs that just happen to be Democratic and far-Left (and eat up with the OWS crowds).

    But please, just don't try as hard to extend your LeftLibProgg - liberalism so far beyond your ruined State's borders, using the overwhelming powers of a vast, monstrous and corrupt Federal system.

    And if you're not even in America, and supporting this movement? Your nation will fall first, to riots and deaths.

    It's our job to NOT follow you to your well-deserved socialist fates.

  9. How refreshing Marie, you have smoked out the Tea Party in the form of Serr8d. Sure, I am proud to be an original kind of American who has lived 84 years and a WWII vet in the last stages of the war - who marched down Michigan Avenue in Chicago on VJ day with throngs of people cheering the final end of the greatest war (and the only great war the world has ever known as encompassing the whole world) waged by "the Greatest Generation" of Americans to defeat the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan with Totalitarian-Authoritarian, Money- Rule, by the German Industrialists and their counterparts in Japan. Real patriotism, my fellow Americans, was lived that great day in our history. Serr8d you are over your head attacking Marie right here, while your pretty words about Liberty sounds great it masks a monstrous greed for money and power as unbridled, unregulated Free Enterprise Democraacy run amok and 100% controlled by Money Rule - led by the Koch Brothers Money and Rupert Murdoch Propaganda Machine 24/7. If you are not in the 400 Forbes Billionaires - the 0.1% of 1%ers - then you are merely a willing, ardent, and agressively outspoken enemy of the ordinary Americans who have believed in the system that is totally corrupted by money, whether Democratic or Republican Party. Serr8d your dearest dream now is smashing the #OWS movement by the Police across our so-called free nation. These Cops are dupes, the police who pepper spray and use their military training and military type "non-lethal weapons" just short of death but extremely dangerous to eyes ears lungs and whole body weakened. This is human injury by Homeland Security Department and secret FBI deniers that they are both behind this concerted effort to militarize the nations Police Forces in the name of - you name it patriotism - a "patriotism" fully denied and betrayed. You and the Tea Party are partly right but woefully wrong - FLAT TAX IS FOR TOTALITARIANS AND AGAINST THE WORKING AMERICANS WHO FIGHT OUR WARS THAT DISGRACE THE aMERICAN IDEALS AND HAVE PERVERTED THE AMERICAN DREAM AND ENDED DEMOCRAY AND THE FREEDOMS PROMISED BY OUR FOUNDERS.

    Marie, your language and grammar from your heritage in eastern Europe is only to be praised not denigrated, as your whole world view is vastly more important than any shortage of perfect grammar, and your concepts are not only understandable but so advanced as to boggle the mind. Long ago, sometime after mid-November last year when I became active, I spotted you and asked you to collaborate with me. I know you became more FB active, and you joined me at the Huffington Post (which I have not yet pursued) as evidence that you are doing so as a true Collaborator. The time is coming very soon now when circumstances in my life and the fortunes of the world as now enabled by #OWS are now dawning. This Movement cannot be stopped by a bought-out Media nor by Police Power as Military Power, nor all the Koch's money and vast network of other Money Rule Billionaires led by Koch-Murdochs-Norquists.