Friday, July 31, 2015

The future battle about #IncomeInequality, #ClimateChange and #HumanRights

No one expected, at least no one in the Media and the political establishment of both party the movement that happen in Democratic primary about a man who describe himself as Socialist.
Now, that's a new turn in American politics for sure.
His name is Bernie Sanders and he is seating Senator from Vermont in the present US Senate. His 73 years old and he attract more crowd everywhere he goes then all the individual candidates combined. 
Will he snatch the nomination from Hillary this time around as Barack Obama did 2008?
Cause its the same people who deviate within Democratic Party the first time around with the current President away from Hillary in 2008.
Democratic Party clearly has some issues that need to be indisputably addressed. 
For a candidate that has a second chance, Hillary is doing herself no favor at all. 
What issues will determine the democratic primary?
Before i go on to the list, let me just mention this simple fact: The other political Party has such insignificant appearance,  even the field is crowded with all sorts of candidates and party color denomination, libertarians, conservatives, black,, brown, white and woman  too. Older, younger and foreigner. Present and ex Governors, Senators and actors! Political Rashomon on display for entertainment of the masses! 
None of them even represent an option in 2016 election year. It does not matter who will win their primary colors, the Republican Party is only local event nowadays. On Federal level they have nothing to offer whatsoever. The conservatism failed miserably everywhere was implemented, from states in America to sovereign states in Europe and the whole world. Its nothing but the politics of institutionalized racism, bigotry and discrimination. Maybe in the Southern Bible belt States that backwardness still ring any bells, but the rest of the world is rejecting conservatism as thing of the past. Like a rotary phone in a wireless world. It just don't fit anymore. Obsolete! The politics of low wages and lower taxes serve no good to any nation. Not even our South that become pitfall of poverty and pollution. 
That being said, let us focus on the split in the democratic Party.
The issues that will determine the outcome of 2016 election are as follow:

1. Income Inequality;
2. Climate Change;
3. Human Rights; 

They are all equally important and they are consequential upon each other, meaning one can not be separated from another and vice verse, not just in America, but in the World as a whole.
How do Hillary and Bernie Sanders approach and solve those issues will separate them from one another. Nothing else matter. The rest is just accent on a tomato: the first or the second syllable.

How does Income Inequality manifest in America: Minimum Wage Increase.  

Recently Hillary come out in favor of $12 per hour minimum wage increase, contrary to Sanders support for $15 per hour minimum wage increase. 
"- Let not just do it for the sake of having a higher number out there, lets get behind a proposal that actually has a chance of succeeding." - she said as seasoned politician who know a thing or two of passing a bill into a Law.
 At first glance it seems Hillary is right, lets not fight over higher number, cause 12 is better then 7.25, even is lower then 15. After all, the increase will definitely depend on the will of the opposition in House and the Senate also.
In reality, nothing is further from the truth. One number represent nominal wage increase, other represent transforming the minimum wage into a living wage. 
Right now the Federal Government recognize the need for assistance to any family of four making less then $32 243 a year, or 130% of Federal poverty guidelines, in income per year, which represent $15.5 per hour working 40 hours 52 weeks in 2015. 
If we dwell in quasi economics that don't recognize the importance of being able to raise a family of four for the purpose of simple demographic reproduction, then i offer this short information for anyone in pursuit of better understanding of the standard used here. 

Having said that "fighting" for less then $15 per hour minimum wage is nothing but political pondering in order to gain support of the gullible population and it is completly detach from the reality. 
Hillary either don't understand the logistics behind the issue of raising the minimum wage to certain number and currently that number is closer to $16 per hour, not a year from now, not by 2020 or some other date in the future, but this 2015 year, or she have economics advisers who are not advising her properly, which in either case is her failure as presidential candidate. 

How does Climate Change manifest in America: The Keystone Pipeline. 
Recently Hillary was asked if she will allow the building of the Pipeline or deny it. 
She decide to answer with a pause, same Question being posed to Senator Sanders and the answer is crystal clear. "No" to building Keystone Pipeline under any circumstances
I do believe Hillary believe in Climate Change being man made and accelerated with use of dirty oil, i just don't believe she see how important is to draw a line in the send to Oil Industry lobby in America. 
And Keystone Pipeline is that line in the send. I don't need studies to show me how many people will be hired along side the pipeline, i don't need a studies that going to assure me how safe the pipeline is transporting dirty oil compared with other form of transportation. I don't need any studies about the Pipeline, since i made my mind up to believe that climate change is treat to this Earth as planet, yet alone America as a state in witch i live in. 

How does Human Rights manifest in America: Penitentiary System
Many will associate this with legalizing marijuana, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. 
The private for profit system need to become issue of the past. Its not just ridden with racism, it is deeply unjust too. The market approach to justice, create demand for offenders of any kind.  Our police become domestic military that serve gun lobby playing fast and furious with our citizens, our prisons protect corporate interest and serve money not the Society, our justice system is breeding ground that turn petty criminals into human factory of cheap labor, for years at no end. I deliberately don't even mention Guns.
After Sandy Hook elementary shooting I realize how soak is this country in their love for guns. All of it. Not even mass murder of their youngest will not repeal their second amendment misinterpretation of that outdated Law. The whole country is split between gun and no gun control, no matter how many of their citizens lives will end before their time. Its beyond pale to me. 
Let me end this returning to every issue but the Second Amendment issue.
The Question that beg the Answer: 
- Where do our candidate stand on the dismantling of private for profit system? 
Well, as far as i know, they stumble on the first step: legalizing marijuana and let every inmate on marijuana charges free out of jail, Bernie little ahead of Hillary. 
None of them will di-privatize our penitentiary system, not even Senator Sanders

How those issues are dependent on one another? 
What climate change got to do with criminal justice system and minimum wage. 
What minimum wage increase got to do with illegal activities that render people in our justice system committing crime of passion, greed, or pure malice? 
How the justice system reboot can save the planet? How one well paid  family can save the planet and resist vices and vanity?
It is a choice we make as Society. Either we build a system that give a chance to a healthy development of a families enabling their time for laughter, or we create underclass to work and live in the shadows, one step away from breaking the Law. Either we educate our population to participate in building a healthy environment, or we nourish fewer portfolios of selected few.
There is no middle anymore.  
There is no time for uncommitted mind anymore. 
We may not save and we may not help everyone. It will take a generation or two the wounds to heel, memories to fade, Earth to be restored. 
If we don't start now, every day we wait will be a day later, not closer to our goal. 
If we elevate the minimum wage to a living wage, we will create a tide that will lift all the boats. Happiness is the best crime prevention. More income will generate more taxes in the budget and those programs that are starving now will get revenues to help more people being rehabbed  into productive members of our Society. Abundance create more abundance. Knowledge push Science into field previously unknown: Innovations. 
Innovations will save our Planet, not prayers. Innovations feedback elevate a Societal Conscience to level previously unseen. Nobility is not a gens one inherit, its years of comfort and stability. 
Maybe Senator Sanders Movement will never bring him into the White House, but if Hillary want to create a mark in History as First Female President of United States, that mark shouldn't be her gender, but her attempt to curb Climate change by creating healthy environment for all American Families. 
After all, aren't we "Out of many we are One". 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


  1. #2014 will be imperative election.We will see how many ppl subdue to abuse last few years,their impeccable PR War will come to fruition
  2. Each & every time a person who is disrespected & humiliated hang to his abuser he shows he deserve nothing better. is political abuser
  3. How many time workers need to hear how they are greedy and worthless when they barely meet their bills, yet so many vote for !
  4. Why do veteran vote ?How many time slash their benefits & refuse to lift them up after they return home from Wars & they're loyal?
  5. What do woman want? Why woman on min wage dont vote? How many time will say loud & clear they will note raise min wage?
  6. Despite the overwhelming evidence what work on the road to recovery we are still divided on every step of the way...what is it that we want?
  7. We live in a crises last 6Y!We came fast to the rescue of the banks & their wealthy shareholders and we stall help to everyone ever since
  8. Something is profoundly wrong with a Party that chose lies in order to win each and every time come election time...& betray every promise
  9. Something is profoundly wrong with ppl who live in the past & deny their presence with ppl long dead as their anchors who hold them in place
  10. There is something profoundly wrong with ppl who live in the past...who hang to quotes from dead ppl as & ignore the living around them
  11. On every issue that truly belong to 21 Century the choice is clear:vote democrat...not because they are spotless or perfect, but up to date!
  12. If you care for woman right, minority right, workers right,LGBT right,if civil right matter to you,your choice is limited to only one Party
  13. If you care for climate change you have only one political option, only one side acknowledge climate change is man made & fixable problem
  14. If you care for income inequality you definitely should vote for Democrats, cause keeping low min wage is what create income inequality!
  15. If you wanna retire with a guarantee income as supplement to your saving then vote for democrats, they created SS & they will protect it!
  16. If you care for America World reputation vote for democrats cause playing fast & furious may be a good movie but it's bad politics!
  17. If you care for Science you should definitely vote for Democrats,cause creationism is not something you want your child to waste his time on
  18. If U care for the deficit or our national debt you should vote for democrats...they do arithmetic when budgeting & have proven fiscal record
  19. If you wish for better job, you should vote for democrats...they will increase minimum wage & the ripple effect will create opening new jobs
  20. I think everyone should make a list of priority & ask what is the most important issue he care for: God, Guns, wages, civil right, debt etc
  21. What can a person do? What can a person change in our toxic political environment of vicious Propaganda to chose the right side?

    In the end of the day, deep inside you know there is something so horribly wrong about our just bare no result...fruitless

    For some reason this post was in draft since March 2015.
    I assume those were tweets i post that day, and since they are part of my history, i will keep them in my present form.
    I still find them worth of my attention

The Truth In Politics

It appear on twitter this morning, but then the original tweet was erased, so i felt appropriate to post this wonderful tribute to our President on my blog.
Its true I took a break from blogging, I just didn't feel like it for a long time.
Now since we have new general election coming up next year, i felt its time to start again.
What better way to start then giving tribute to the man who introduce me to the American politics, he himself, the current President of the United States, and giving him his dues in appreciation if nothing more.
"We can all agree that President Obama has had a fabulous few months. Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Relations with Cuba are finally changing for the better. The numbers are improving. Six years of cool, steady patience is finally being rewarded. And to the victor goes the spoils. He is finally allowing himself to be what we already knew he was. A badass.
President Obama has taken most of the slams and accusations throughout the years with grace and dignity. He has let it roll off his back and shook his head. Often he gives the customary chuckle that We on the left know and love. What else can he do when someone treats him with such disrespect? He is forever under the microscope. Each minor misstep becomes ammunition. 
But times, they are a changin’. The last few weeks has brought out the man many of us voted for in the first place. And I couldn’t be happier.  I know why he has held his tongue. He was setting things into place. He had the structure built, it just needed time to grow. He also knew that as the first Black/White President that the scrutiny would be far worse for him than it has been for everyone else. Have you ever tried to do a job with someone over your shoulder telling you how bad you are going to mess up? I bet that was damn near suffocating at times. Finally, President Obama has come out swinging in last few months and showing that he is done with their silliness.
And so are we. Every time I am confronted by a Tea Party crazies I just give it right back! If President Obama can deal it back, so can I. Who are they to call me a Libtard? Or Feminazi? Most of them have not even read a voting record. Some of their leaders cannot name tree branches of Government. Some of them are still worried about Prayer Curtains that Obama ‘somehow’ planted way back in the Reagan days. The rest of us have moved on to climate change and foreign relations. Real problems. I'll let them keep up with the invasion of a state that is already in the Union. *face palm*
Please be warned though, some of them are really off the deep end. If confronted by one of those, just mutter something about how great Reagan was and slowly back away. Tell them you are late for a meeting at the NRA and you gotta go.
Pick your battles, change minds with facts when you can and learn to back away when its useless."
I  couldn't say this better even if i try.