Saturday, July 18, 2015


  1. #2014 will be imperative election.We will see how many ppl subdue to abuse last few years,their impeccable PR War will come to fruition
  2. Each & every time a person who is disrespected & humiliated hang to his abuser he shows he deserve nothing better. is political abuser
  3. How many time workers need to hear how they are greedy and worthless when they barely meet their bills, yet so many vote for !
  4. Why do veteran vote ?How many time slash their benefits & refuse to lift them up after they return home from Wars & they're loyal?
  5. What do woman want? Why woman on min wage dont vote? How many time will say loud & clear they will note raise min wage?
  6. Despite the overwhelming evidence what work on the road to recovery we are still divided on every step of the way...what is it that we want?
  7. We live in a crises last 6Y!We came fast to the rescue of the banks & their wealthy shareholders and we stall help to everyone ever since
  8. Something is profoundly wrong with a Party that chose lies in order to win each and every time come election time...& betray every promise
  9. Something is profoundly wrong with ppl who live in the past & deny their presence with ppl long dead as their anchors who hold them in place
  10. There is something profoundly wrong with ppl who live in the past...who hang to quotes from dead ppl as & ignore the living around them
  11. On every issue that truly belong to 21 Century the choice is clear:vote democrat...not because they are spotless or perfect, but up to date!
  12. If you care for woman right, minority right, workers right,LGBT right,if civil right matter to you,your choice is limited to only one Party
  13. If you care for climate change you have only one political option, only one side acknowledge climate change is man made & fixable problem
  14. If you care for income inequality you definitely should vote for Democrats, cause keeping low min wage is what create income inequality!
  15. If you wanna retire with a guarantee income as supplement to your saving then vote for democrats, they created SS & they will protect it!
  16. If you care for America World reputation vote for democrats cause playing fast & furious may be a good movie but it's bad politics!
  17. If you care for Science you should definitely vote for Democrats,cause creationism is not something you want your child to waste his time on
  18. If U care for the deficit or our national debt you should vote for democrats...they do arithmetic when budgeting & have proven fiscal record
  19. If you wish for better job, you should vote for democrats...they will increase minimum wage & the ripple effect will create opening new jobs
  20. I think everyone should make a list of priority & ask what is the most important issue he care for: God, Guns, wages, civil right, debt etc
  21. What can a person do? What can a person change in our toxic political environment of vicious Propaganda to chose the right side?

    In the end of the day, deep inside you know there is something so horribly wrong about our just bare no result...fruitless

    For some reason this post was in draft since March 2015.
    I assume those were tweets i post that day, and since they are part of my history, i will keep them in my present form.
    I still find them worth of my attention

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