Monday, May 16, 2011

NET OF SAFETY AND WEB OF DECEIT... The Fourth pillars of the Society are crumbling under Corporate greed

I tend to imagine that The President was sitting in the Oval Office the night of the 2010 mid-term elections silently watching the whole Electoral Map of the United State turn bloody red - district after district, state after state he was watching the Democrat's seats turn Republican, one after another like a unstoppable domino effect, wondering when the rollover will stop and can he keep the Senate at least?
The press the next day conclude, that the President look "beaten up"...
The first black President of the United State of America loses the coalition that brought him the victory two years before, Democrats did lost all over the board, but the pundit were wrong...
He was not beaten up...They just forget that he is that skinny guy with a fanny name who beat the Icy Queen of the democratic establishment, he was far from beaten, he just look like it...

I tend to believe that the politics is like playing chess, You have to have a strategy that will anticipate every move of your opponent if You wanna win in the end, that You may loose a pawn or two, bishop or knight, but that is necessary especial if your opponent is master of the game, that is playing the field for the long time!
To outmaneuver a Powerful opponent You have to set him to play against itself...that is the only way to win...

I believe that the President still regarding the red screen of his supposed defeat, knows the electoral seats lost are just the beginning of the turmoil storming in the not so distant future...
The fragile recovery he planned with his political capital did not bring the solutions that he was expecting.The newly elected GOP threatened to repeal his hard won health care bill, the dream legislature of so many generation of democrats...Repeal "Obama care" republicans cried...

What they did not and could not envision was that this President while he was working on the south side of Chicago as a community organizer, this college graduate had learned the ultimate street lesson:

   - The rich and powerful hold all the string of society except for one, the will of the people...If the will of the people get to a critical mass of support, nothing, nothing can stand on their way on the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

The Power of the people is in their is a catalyst that powers every upheaval in Human History, from ransacking the mightiest city in the world, Rome, to every major legislative victory on their behalf!

To bring the change, to fulfill the promises Barack Obama gave to America during the campaigning two years a go, he needed that critical mass of people standing behind him, and pressing the Congress to shape and pass bills in favor of the people!
How could he do this with Corporate media machine drumming to the beat of unprecedented malicious Propaganda?
He was not the darling of the democratic establishment, he only had the truth, but would that truth resonate against all the odds?
Two years a go his bold, fearless approach to the Truth build a critical mass of people who cast their vote for him cause they realize he is a honest man from their walk of life, that he grow up eating their bread, walking their side of the street, learning daily how to lift himself above to fray.People recognize him as their own son, and they did not care that he is black, they visualized in him themselves, the kid that grew to be a man, a father and a leader...
Two years a go Corporate media was keeping the beat, but no one was dancing: all the dog whistle they use to summon the voters fail, so they learn the lesson...Fast...
The Health Care town hall meeting were the testing ground of the System that do not need a profound change, but a little lipstick, a band aid and a polish, so the power structure in Washington left the President holding the bag cause he insist on the Health Care Reform, he insist on a Financial Reform, He insist on the Stimulus package, and he get all of them, but they come to his desk so deform, he could not recognize them at all!
Yet, that legislative nightmare would become his signature accomplishments...
The last two Years he'd faced attack after attack on his personality, on his integrity, on his politics and the only support he has was the people who he left behind on the campaign trail...his own party was fractured in its own beliefs, but most of all the business community was seating in the background just watching and watching...
They sit on a stash of a $ 2 trillions, but they were watching how his administration borrow money to keep the wheels of the economy rolling and they were waiting, cause soon or later, the people who stood behind him might loose Faith, might forget the hope, might turn to despair and then things can go back to normal!
Corporations flush with cash, trimmed and poised, could wait, because they knew that their barking dogs will irritate enough of his supporters to accomplish what they are paid to do: bring their own boys in Washington DC, and they did...
The President lost the House and barely kept the Senate Democrat, he knew that all the matters he care about would be on the table cause the GOP did not need to fight to accomplish anything, all they need is to demand relentlessly and they would get whatever they asked for...

I believe the President was watching the whole country turning red, but he saw the opening...

What happen after the Presidential Election night was the beginning of a political battle of enormous proportions...
Those who think that American Election are local event that has nothing to do with the rest of the World live like Alice in Wonderland: they are about to wake up...
Rarely we get international news,most of the time they are so filtered it seams American public is protected of the ugly Truth, The Global Economic System crush!

"Obama, GOP reach deal to extend tax breaks"
Washington Post Tuesday, December 7, 2010; 2:42 AM

The House of Representatives has passed the Obama-GOP tax cut deal on a 277-148 vote,
sending the bill to the president.
Huffington Post, December 17, 2010

Wisconsin protests: Gov. Scott Walker and Senate Democrats prepare to start negotiations
Monday, March 7, 2011; 4:37 PM

To Cut the Deficit, Look to Social Security
April 4, New York Times

Education cuts coming, but fewer than GOP wanted
Washington Post April 12, 2011

Paul Ryan's budget would slash $6 trillion, reform entitlements, cut taxes Politico, April,29 2011

Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling Without Repealing Obama care April 29, News

Anger on display at Republican town hall meetings over Medicare and taxes... April 26, Daily Kos
It did not take long that the GOP demanded what they were sent to do: bring the goodies to their Masters!

There was no need to fight for the extension of the tax cut for the wealthiest Americans cause they did not get any resistance from the president, actually, HE WAS THE ONE who cut the Tax Deal with them!!!
   - He knew he was beaten...
   - He is one term was so obvious, the GOP conclude...
The corporate media was having a field trip, they were glorious, bold and reckless, the Birthers, the Truthers and the New World Order pursuers, the Libertarians and Tea Partiers, they were feeling so strong that they did not care to reveal their secret desire and wishes:
   -While we are here, why not finish off the Unions once and for all, why not unleash the Wall Street bonanza once again, let the gold flow and the gas prices skyrocket, after all they killing each other in the middle East again, right?
   - Oh, and repeal "Obama Care", water down Medicare, give the elders to the mercy of insurance companies, extend the retirement age,but we will keep Social Security cause we need the Social Security contributions to flow into the budget to cover our tax cuts! What we dont really need anymore is Education, so let's cut the education - we have unlimited supply of highly educated people from overseas, we don't need domestic graduates anymore, much less expensive teachers...
Ahh...the GOP buzzword: "Cuts"...Government spending is out of control! - Government spending cuts!
Yeah, they drum the beat for decades: - Starve the Government beast: say GOP, but the reality behind their words is their true desire:
   - Enslave the population cause there is no one to stand for them fools!
Then a miracle happened...
It started in Wisconsin when the Unions were attacked and about to be stripped of their hard won collective bargaining rights...The people rejected the GOP plans to reshape the future of the generations of human accomplishment: Education, Health Care, Social Security and Retirement Benefits, the four pillars of the American Social fabric were crumbling under the Corporate Greed, and the people realized it was now personal!
   - It did not matter what party they belonged to, what God they bowed to, what nationality they were, where they come from, those Pillars need to be protected cause they belong to all of them...
Previous generations of Human, how many bled so today we can have a decent lifestyle, weekend off and basic medical care...
No one was asking for Gold and Riches, no one, people just wonted to keep what was left of what generations had fought to achieve...
The Corporate Media was stoned again: How the hell that happen?-Who is waging the tail this time?
The Ryan budget was was everything they were dreaming for...
   - Exactly...It was everything they were dreaming for...
The Ryan budget was the new blueprint of all that GOP aspire for, make no mistake, the only one who stood on their way was that skinny man with a funny name, so they plotted to take him out of the office, with obstructionism every step of the way for the last two years, and when they would get to install a Republican President, they will take care of the Unions, Medicare, Social Security and the Public educations once and for all...
Not so fast...
For me personally, this political drama was best summarized with the words of that old Republican who looked  at the Ryan presentation and told him bluntly: 
   - You don't know anything about Medicare, do You?
The so called budget whiz kid try to be charming and smile:
   - No I'm not on it...
And that is the whole Truth and nothing but the ugly Truth:
- The rich do not understand nor do they care for any of the Pillars cause they are not "on it", and that included the Democrat establishment's lame excuses to "compromise" to GOP political pressure!!!
Hard working people depend on Medicare, depend on their Social Security, and most of them never knew how to invest in the 401 K so they didn't have nest egg for their elderly years...
What those people have is the Government structured to work for them as it also work for those who seek business opportunities and riches...
People knew that Education is the Light that leads out of prejudice, bigotry and racism into a opportunity for a better life...People remember that tuition was bearable under Government Grants and low-cost Loans!
They remember how it was like when the Union were strong and delivered a decent pay so people did not need to work two jobs to make the end meet, and retirement was dues paid into companies they worked for, not some stock option they did not understand...
They remember the time when the local grocery serve local produce that was plentiful in season, smaller but tastier, that was the time when food was produced to feed the people, not to make extra profit to a Retail chain...
They know that Medicare did not have supplemental or any B, C, D plans, nor donut holes, and it worked well for them...
They know that Social Security check is the only thing that hold many above the drowning into sea of poverty and scavenging through the disposal containers for food, or warming on an open fire under the bridges...
All those memories, not to mention the dreams People have all of a sudden become a story tell on the street while they protested in Wisconsin, Ohio, England, France, Greece, Spain, even they did not know about each other, a whisper start among them:
   -We will fight for that safety net! - We have to protect that only safety we have!- cause it is not a Privilege, nor a Human Right, but a Human Accomplishment of Generations and Generations of Human who fought before them, from every corner of America and of the World...
Pitagora did not have a patent, but his formula is used in building architecture known to man...
Pasteur did not have a patent when he discovered penicillin, and yet many antibiotic contain his medicine...
The Arab did not patent the zero, yet no computer program will work without it...
We can look around us and everything we enjoy all of our current technological advancement is just a cumulative knowledge pass to us from a previous Generation of Humans to build upon it...
All that Knowledge belong to Us, to all of was given free like a Human Heritage to be utilised from all of those scientists who love to explore and invent and who did not do that to make themselves rich...
Until the Corporations came...
The Mighty Corporations! 
How is it so?
The Corporation is just a form of Human Organization, they dwell in cement and brick building yet they are not made of stone, to last forever, and they are not persons!
Corporations are a finely tuned man-made money making machine that can easily be reprogrammed to serve Us, the people by paying back into our Society, but if we think that they will do that out of a good will, think again:
   - They are like that Terminator!
No one cant negotiate with them individually, many of them are more powerful then the Economy of many of the Third World countries, and nowadays they will crash everything on their path of growth, cause the Market system demand they pursuit more and more every year, or quarter, it just the way the system is...
Their greed is part of their inner mechanism,and If we look at them like that, then we can see that they are no more powerful then the people who own them, wealthy people, and only few of them...
The rest is Us, not so wealthy, squeezed more and more under the pressure of the merciless system all over the World, no matter where we come from, what religion we belong to, what is the color of our skin, or what language we use!
Our Dreams and aspirations are all the same, the world of people is much closer knit then you think:
I will present you a Global study called: 

"The Future of Retirement" Around the World
Conducted in the fourth quarter of 2004, "The Future of Retirement" study canvassed 11,453 adults in ten nations and territories: Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Canadians view their later years as a time of reinvention, ambition, and close relationships with friends and family.
Americans view their later years as a time for opportunity, new careers, and spiritual fulfillment, but are less focused on family or health than are other countries. The French view these years as a time of dreams and aspirations, but also as a time of worry, and they are concerned about being a burden to their families.
The British view later life as a time of self-sufficiency, independence, and personal responsibility, counting on neither government nor family to care for them.
Brazilians view later life as a time for slowing down, relaxing, and spending time with their families, relatives, and friends, and they expect significant support from their children.
Mexicans see it as a time for continued work and hard-earned financial stability.
In China, younger generations view retirement as an opportunity for a new life but continued careers, while older generations want to stop working and relax All Chinese people view family as an important source of happiness and support.
Respondents from Hong Kong view it as a time for rest, relaxation, and the enjoyment of accumulated wealth, which is seen as the cornerstone of well-being.
Respondents from India view later life as a time to live with and be cared for by their families.
The Japanese look forward to their later years as a time of good health, family considerations, and continued fulfillment work.

The research was carried out by Harris Interactive under the direction of AgeWave and HSBC.
as presented in FPA financial Planing association

If we allow the Corporations to cover their projected profits by taking away everything we ever accomplish it will not be a fault of  any politician  but ours, We the people...
Make no mistake, Corporate World will release every fear goblin they have to sway us into believing that Our Government is not functional, that "we need to take it back"!
Some of their Goblins will talk about Guns, some will invoke God, some will talk spending and taxes, some will talk defence, some will mix an imaginary new world order, some will talk freedom, some small business, some will spin, some will runt, some on radio, some on TV, some on the Internet, but all they do, all of their paid pundits ever do, no matter how independent they call themselves, all they are doing  is praying upon our fears, desires, dreams and hopes to divide Us, to steal our votes and make us vote not our best interest, but the corporate interest as peoples best interest...
They will whirlpool every emotion we have into hatred toward our own Government pointing to GOP as a solution and back to a sense we missing lately...because GOP will deliver to their Corporate Masters, same way as the lukewarm Democrats will deliver to their Corporate Masters...
What we need is people like Bernie Sanders and few other in the House...human with strong conviction who will not betray the work, who will preserve the safety net and who will not get lost in the Web of Deceit...

Meanwhile, I'm looking upon the skinny guy with the funny name...
I see hope again, cause the masses have risen...
Author: Marie Bagatela...
Editor and contributor: Claudia O...


  1. Well, I'm not good at to comment about American policies, anyways, but I am good at and I am quite sure to say that it's a great blog entry. Sure, and I'm good at to promote blogs on social networking sites lol, as I'm doing that right now. Have a wonderful night, dear Marie.

  2. Thank You Carlos, for Your kind words of support...
    I do need Your help passing the message cause so much is at stake, and the wind of change that are blowing from America always reach the World...
    So, I do believe it is important people all over the World to become aware that "The Free Market Economy" benefit only few, and leave so many behind on the doorsteps of the Debt burden Local Governments...
    Maybe some countries are better of today then other, but if we dont stand together sooner or letter we will stand in the same unemployment lines, or the charity soup kitchen...
    Not a future I can accept, so I will do whatever is in my power to rise the awareness of the danger of Conservative Agenda called "Free Market Economy"...

  3. Right on my dear, Yu are correct in saying the only force capable of opposing the Rich and powerful is the people, but unfortunately it takes blatant abuse from the R&P to wake up the sleeping giant of the people. I only hope it doesn't spin too far out of control before freedom is so compromised people get hurt. Your friend Al

  4. There are many effective ways to run an economy that can benefit 'all the people'. A good example is the Nordic economies which over the long haul have done reasonably well. By comparison, we Americans and the MSM, tend to create a false dilemma. It is either communism, as in take the wealth from the rich, or plutocracy, as in take the wealth from the working/middle class—screw 'em, in other words. We need a better informed public on economic issues and a better press (yes, our press totally sucks!).

  5. good reading thanks for writing it

  6. @ Al:

    Me too, Al, me too...

    I can seethe winds of change coming our way, let just hope they will pass without disastrous input on the landscape...

    Did You read my post: "Warning from history...
    I think I publish that before we become friends on twitter, anyway, in it I warn that the Sea of Poverty is rising all over the world, and it will hit us like a tsunami, well look whats happen in the Middle East...
    The International News are so dry, we cant see the picture, but people resist everywhere, we are not connected, but believe me Al we all think the same: we becoming aware that Corporate are using and abusing us daily, for no more then a blip on the Wall Street performance...
    Sometime is hard to accept that reality, but it is True: Wages are falling behind not just in nominal value ( we making less than a year before ) not just in buying power ( we can buy less each year for the money we earn ) but the wages are falling behind with productivity for decade!
    That's abuse of labour, and people will become aware sooner then letter...
    Hungry people they say, think!
    What will be the outcome of the awakening, well in America, I believe will be a sweeping election, sort of like 2010 that was the beginning!
    This time I believe Labour will be the game changer, not the artificial Tea Party movement!
    Will see, soon enough...

  7. @ Ardie:

    Nordic Economy pursuit economy of welfare, but welfare that has completely different meaning then the unpopular almost shameful name that is bumper sticker joke in America...coincidentally or not, Politics of Welfare will be my next month post: Queens & Cadillacs!!!
    It will be very educational if I may say radical for the American public, but never the less interesting read...
    Hope I will see You next month again...

  8. @ Oklahoma UNCUT:

    Thank You for visiting...
    Come back soon...

  9. Marie, you should work in the government. PEOPLES government. Great post. I enjoyed every word. Thank you...

  10. @ anonymous:
    Are You "my anonymous", the one from
    "Up for Debate"?
    Cause if You are, You should know I miss debating with You, and I'm so glad You back...
    If You Are new anonymous reader, still glad You like my post, thank You for your kind words and welcome to my blog...

  11. You are a wonderful combination of heart and brain, Marie. I agree with all of your positions.
    Have you noticed the new right wing assault on education? They are attempting to prevent the creation of an educated public. They know that with education comes understanding and sophistication. They can't fool, and so subdue, an educated people. On the other hand, unfortunately, we can't force people to want to learn. I guess the only solution is a benevolent, charismatic leader. Do we have one such in President Obama? I sincerely hope so.

    Your friend and cohort, Chips Mow.

  12. Suggest you read your column and not just run it through spell check: "he just look like it" "with a fanny name" and on and on and on.

    If you expect people to invest their precious time to read your thoughts then have the courtesy to ensure that they are presented in a readable, cogent and articulate manner.

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