Book I recomend

Marquise of Angels
in Volume 8

 Anne & Serge Golon give a tribute to a woman who went from riches to rags and back and forth, who turn down the most powerful young king in Europe at the time: Luis XIV and wage a revolution against him, from Versais to Quebec!
Every young woman should read this book before she enter womanhood to better understand what is the essence of love, beauty, and life of a female creature...
Every woman no matter the age should read this book to better understand the true measure of love and loss over the years and everything in between...

Volume I

Rarely we find a book of economics that is so compelling like Marx signature book, but it is pure literature masterpiece...he was truly pupil of Hegel and Aristotle, Balzac and Darwin...
He place all the boring Laws of Society development affront of us just the way they are...we can feel them, we can see behind them, we can look at their naked reality but they are not ugly anymore: they are natural...or man made... their form, their pattern and their trajectory will never cause pain cause he show their limits too...
Must read...especially to anyone who wanna understand the way of the Globalisation, the outburst of crises and the future of Humanity...


Margaret Mitchell give an unforgettable tell of the American civil War, interwoven with one of the most regrettable love story ever, a tribute to love of the earth and home, even in the worst of days, a story about the time before the common became a stand for life, a world gone with the wind, a tell of a woman who always look for tomorrow and a man who never say I love You!


You can not even considerate Yourself an educated person if You never read any of Jared Diamond books...simple as that...
History of Humanity become such a deep enlightenment tale, that is a "flip pages, don't wanna end please"story of Us, from the day we stand up apart from the animal world, to the day we are facing decay if we don't learn the compelling story of the rise, faith and fall of Human Societies!


Rarely You can find a history book that give due to one of the greatest Mind of Humanity Aristotle, yet, it read like a novel, but Richard Rubenstein manage just that:
The history that bring the end to a terrible years of staying alive for Humanity and the light of Knowledge that follow start with : How Christians, Muslims and Jews Rediscovered Ancient Wisdom and Illuminated the Dark Ages!
If You never read anything beyond detective story, still  read this one, You will not be sorry!