Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SHALL WE HAVE A CUP OF TEA PLEASE? The Awakening of the American People

They use to say:
The King is dead…Long lives the King!
Those days we don’t have Kings, no Royal Family, we have the President elected by the people and 535 elected officials that represent the will of the people, being named Congress…
To paraphrase the old saying We will add this new slogan:
“The elections are over… Start the elections today!
The election  night was painful for me, extremely painful to see all of the states turning red all across the map of the USA…
Painful but not surprised, actually when I think about it: I was glad cause more and more people are realizing that ideology is not reality...
Talking that we care will not bring us any votes...
Half measures will not bring us any votes...
In the end of the day, frankly they needed to go, all of those fat Democratic cats who sell us to the lowest bidder on the bread and butter issues! 
The people with convictions win the day actually, so let talk about them for a change...
Let’s talk about the two forces that shape this midterm elections:
The Tea Party movement and the Progressives!
The first come out in flocks, they carry this election, the second ones stay home in a silent protest, the so called Obama movement that carry the elections two years a go!
Many will tell you about the different structure of those two political movements!
Many will tell You why they stand on the opposite side of the road never to cross each other paths!
Many will write books about it and cash out on their misfortune that send them on the streets marching, holding sighs, demanding a change that is not coming elections after elections…
I will tell you why they should look each other in the eyes, recognize one another’s better and march together if they truly stand for the dream called America!
I will tell you about the thing that unite them despite the geographic meridians or parallels they are coming from, despite the color of their faces, religious believe they belong to or faith they bow down to, despite the gender they feel in their hearts or the moral standards they subscribe to in the public’s eyes!
I will tell you about the profound thing that make them the same and the reasons why corporate media never talks about that, and rarely, if ever will go in the venues I will send you to go, my dear readers, actually I will dare you to tell me that I am wrong in my assessment of the observations that I will lay upon You with only one simple sentence the commonality of them both, if they can only  stop and think for a second:
They are all American workers!
They are all working ordinary people of this great Nation pin against each other in the dirty game called politics…
Part of them giving their votes to the Republican Party…
Part of them giving their votes to the Democratic Party…
The Corporate Media serves You day after day with selected images of them:
There they are, holding different signs, extreme spectrum of their believes, but Corporate Media will never tell You about the single common thing that unite them beyond any doubt:
They all works with their hands for a paychecks, even when they calling themselves a small businessmans, they still work for their money...
They are all American workers…
Some get better share in the exchange for their labors, some are more talented than the others and they are certainly ahead of the curve, maybe living in the upper neighborhoods, some are educated and more skilled then the others, some were white collars, some were blue collars when the clocks wake them up in the morning, some have kids, some don’t, some lives South some lives North, some lives in the big crowded cities some roam  the great plains or dwell in the vast mountains slopes, some came centuries ago, some came recently, but they still remember that day when they take the first breath of the Air thinking how sweet the ultimate freedom taste, and they  all fall in love in this piece of the Earth, that left them breathless with its astonishing colors and beauty of the nature!
Tell me it is not so, tell me that the people who walk the streets in Washington DC to listen to Glen Back and Sarah Palin, Harry Belafonte and Al Sharpen, John Stewart and Steven Colbert, and all the previous rallies in the last couple of years are  well suited Wall Street fat cats, fortune 500 Companies CIO’s, or owners of multinational corporations!
Anyone see  the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Soros or the Koch Brothers holding sigh and
Cause I did not see any of them…
All I see were Dress for Less Ordinary People with the pale stump of a Wall-Mart gummies taste no nutrition food on their faces, burden with worries about the future their own or their children’s…
All of them…
I call them Two Faces of the same Coin!
Corporate Media have a very popular name for them all: Main Street: Middle “ going poor lately” class!
Yet...they talk about each other and refer to each other like enemies…
The Real Questions is not: What they are fighting for?
Or even: What they are fighting against?
The real question both should ask themselves is: Who benefits from their divide?
Taken at their face values: Taxes and the Governments spending!
-Are their divide grounded in reality?
Right a way I can tell you that Progressives made a mistake letting the GOP take over the title issues of the TEA Party: Tax Enough Already is a core progressive issue and we should have screams in the face of the GOP about that, not the other way around!
Yeah... My Dear Progressives: The Tea Party Movement is a failure of ours to present to the American public, even better to say: we fail to point it out that the burden of the cost of maintaining  our Society is shifting from the rich to the shoulders of the midlle class...
Taxes and tax cuts: the price of the common Society services and the resources to pay for it!
Failure of ours indeed: cause it is not a moral issues, it is not redistribution of wealth, it is simple paying the dues to the Society!
GOP connect all the dots for the people they stand for so neatly, so persistently over the decades and they are absolutely right!
Yeah...Rich People are People too…
On the other side, ordinary people income is split on so many ways: payroll taxes, income taxes, state taxes, local taxes, sale taxes. and then on the top of all the taxes come all sorts of Government fees for this, or fees for that!
We, Progressives should start telling the truth loud and clear that the Tea Party were right, We are All  Tax Enough Already!

Being in sink about the taxes, we should point to the TEA Party people, especially Ron Paul libertarians the falacy of their economic policies: been there, done that...
Yep...Prescriptions to the arcaic free market economics make them no better then the machines breakers, so called Luddites of the 19 Century!

     "The Luddites were a social movement of British textile artisans in the nineteenth century who protested – often by destroying mechanized looms– against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt were leaving them without work and changing their  way of life. It took its name from Ned Ludd.
The movement emerged in the harsh economic climate of the Napoleonic Wars and difficult working conditions in the new textile factories. The principal objection of the Luddites was to the introduction of new wide-framed automated looms that could be operated by cheap, relatively unskilled labour, resulting in the loss of jobs for many skilled textile workers.
In modern usage, "Luddite" is a term describing those opposed to industrialisation, automation,  computerisation or new technologies  in general!
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Libertarians subscribe to the small busness, criticizing the Corporations but their anger is misplaced:
Corporations being an ultimate money making machine is not our enemy, its our human organization and should transform to work to benefit all involved in its net, instead of breaking them on small cels and lose their abilities due century of progress...
Luddites try that long ago, blaming the machine for the system that naturally was living them behind, the way more and more of the Americans are left behind with the globalization…
It took them many decades to realize that they need to stand together with the rest of the workers, and change the system to work more for them trough organizing for workersright, human rights, woman’s rights and civil rights!
Took them more then a century to accomplish better living standard and gain ground, the same ground that is shifting under our feet’s today, so we should take a historical lesson from those wretched workers and stand still in the face of the modern machines called corporations!
Sooner or letter we the people will realize that the solutions to our problems are changing the policies, not just change the political structure in Washington DC!

As long as the Democrats dwell in Keynesian way of solving the problems especially with the borrowed money, We Will have no Result in the Economy;*
As long as Republican follow the Friedman supply side Economics We will get into more severe Crises, and the next one will hit us around 2014, give or take a Year, which means we will go into a state of constant struggling with an economic turmoil...
How pathetic is that!!!
All of the Economists are just giving apologies** and they not going to spell the real story:
-The Numbers of the People that are potential Middle Class, the actual consumers of the Corporate Products are rising daily around the World!
CNN recently in the new Ali Velshi news show title "Your Money" was blatantly selling BRIC market stocks:

is standing for Brazil stocks options;
is standing for Russia stocks options;
I   is standing for India stocks options;
is standing for China stock options!

- is a simple Numbers game:
- All of those countries have much more population then America with their Middle class booming, and soon Corporate America will have a buying powers elsewhere, and they will don't need us, the American Workers any more, period!***
Put Europe also in the mix, cause the potential middle class of those new World developing countries outnumbers the total populations of America and Europe combined!
And that is only four World countries!
- It is Time for Us to look beyond the Pond We swim into!
- Time for Us to wake up and smell the coffee!
GOP may own this elections, but my fellow Teabaggers make no mistake, the Patrons they serve  don't give a dime for Us!
Not soon enough the Tea Party Voters who deliver them the Victory will realize that the only jobs they will "create" will be at the local Neighborhoods Plaza, where You guys will toil for a little bit more then a minimum wage, just to survive and pay the bills, less and less for vacations, leisure or anything else...
Then You will turn to us, The Progressives!
-Then We The People will Come Together!
- It make take another election, and another, and another, but We will Find the way to Come Together!

The Tea Party Movement and the Obama Movement are just the two faces of the same Coin called the Awakening of the American People, the long hoped for Revolt of the Guards, in the Words of my Favorite Historian Howard Zinn, who even left us forever, I am sure he pass away with the calming smile on his face seeing it at last that The People, The Guards of the System  are becoming massively aware that the Both Party Are Living Us behind and Selling Us to the lowest bidder on the Global Market...

But That My Dear Readers is a Story for another day...


The Leader of the Luddites, engraving of 1812

* for more on the topic of Governement Interventions read my post: Hark, Hark...The Dogs Bark...
** for more on the topic of GOP free market Economy read my post : The Wisdom of the father, free market or the fairy tale of the invisible hand...
***for more on the topic of the Corporate America Greed and Failure of the Economic Policies, read my post: A WArning from History: Corporate America is sailing the Open Sea...


  1. Good to hear from you, have a nice day my dear friend, thanks to be my friend you can find out on Facebook Pedro Carlos my nickname there. Everyone is welcome to add me and visit my blog.

  2. I found this blog to be very thought provoking as you present the two opposing movements working against the middle class which is getting weaker and the real enemy which is the corporations that continue to run rampant and unchecked. I liked it. Lola

  3. Took me six pages and You, My Dear Reader, summarized my massage in one sentence, thank You!
    Since We are here to be very thought provoking I will ask You to imagine this:
    Here I go with the whole page to get to the point, but stay with me please:
    Morris Ravel Bolero I have it in my choice of music, do You like it?
    I found it fascinating actually...
    Simple tune, a few notes carried in the air from the violin to the next instrument, to the next, to the next, until all the Orchestra joins in Spectacular Musical Climax that stay long after in the hearth and the soul of anyone who ever hear it...
    On those pages I wrote my political economic views, a simple massage, and I do hope it will be carried in the hearth and soul of my readers to the next one, and the next one, until all of the working People drop the different signs of the divide and joins together for a better future!
    For me it is that simple...
    Hope I will hear from You in the Future again!

  4. Marie, I don't know many things about US, but I think that American people should vote in the next elections and a citizenship right, here we have to vote, it's an obligation, but we live in different countries and different culture. Sincerely I desire and support that the US's economy taking-off and improve in the future. Carlos, your Brazilian Blogger Friend.

  5. Thanks for the invite, I enjoyed this article, especially the part about who would benefit from our divide.

    I would argue that love of freedom unites us, not working or earning a living. The stage is being set for class warfare... The divide between the haves and the have-not's grows greater every day. If we hope for this country to survive, I feel, we will have to learn to appreciate everyones liberty.

    America is about individual liberty, not collective liberty.

    We have gone so far from what the United States was supposed to be that the country can no longer be recognized.

    Countries have 2 directions they can travel. Towards tyranny or towards freedom.

    In the united states, freedom is in the rear view mirror. Yes, I have strayed from the topic but I do that.

    as far as votes being an obligation... (directed at commenter "ENGLISH TIPS") That is so entirely against the grain of america.

    I, as an american, am simply sickened by the thought of my employees (the government) telling me "I" have to do anything.

    Though this is changing more everyday, Each and every united States citizen is their own sovereign power, accountable only to themselves, and the rights of others.

    Aside from that point, making everybody vote is probably quite bad for the USA as far as having good policy come out of it.

    Perhaps in Brazil, people have a better idea of what is happening but in the States, the majority of people could really care less. They are too lazy to be properly informed and rarely base their votes on more than who is more physically attractive or who seems "nicer" or more likable.

    Those that do pay attention generally stick to their side of the above mentioned coin. This makes up the majority of voters and unfortunately, they vote party's and general ideas, not people's verified positions or practiced policy.


    I will have to come back to finish this, must run, though I have much more to say.

    Sorry I haven't been able to make the chat room, I have been doing much traveling lately and also going forward, trying hard to get the truth out there.

    Commenting works well for me as the conversation can continue at anytime.

    Thanks for your continued fight! Thoughtful, uncensored, truthful and respectful conversation is going to be the american peoples only way out of this mess.

  6. So nice to hear from You again!
    Please come back anytime You feel like talking,
    and whatever venue You prefer it is Welcome by me!
    I will start my reply with a little story about the voting oversea, when I was growing up!
    Of course it was a different time, and different System, keep that in mind and for the Rest of the Story, use Your Funniest possible side of Your Imaginations, cause it is more then a Comic Trivia:
    OK, the day of the Elections while You still asleep, there will be some old Lady or an Old Man who will start knocking on the door three hours before the pols open, just in case You forget it, then it will come and shake You in the bad, if You dont really open the door, just in case You did not hear the Knock the first time...then it will wait for You to get ready talking and talking about Your Civic Duties, the historical perspective since the beginning of time!
    If You even think of dodging the Trip to the poling post, with "I am busy, got to go to work", not to worry, someone from Your totally annoying neighbors will also wait for You just outside of Your work place, following You home, and talking, and talking until You start running the Idea that it is way, way better to just cast the vote and be done!!!
    People You know and pass by every day will make sure that You off to the poling place and cast Your Vote...
    Dear Anonymous, My Brazilian Friend maybe have different experience, but I'm sure He meant under Obligations something that we on the West call Civic Duties, cause in all Fairness voting is not really Popular activity...
    On the other side, Thank You for the Kind Words of support and acknowledgment of my effort to raise the Awareness about the Things that make Us Unite, not Divide!
    There is so much pain among the People, and We need to get among them, listen and listen, And choose the People with outstanding personality to start running for 2012, we dont need fancy Campaign placate and Empty Slogans on the Commercial Corporate Media, We need People with Convictions Who will Vote for a meaningful Change, not just Applaud the Words of it!
    I'm so proud of all of my Fellow Progressives who finally stand up to the Democrats who sell them on every issues dear to them, and I hope they will get the massage even the noise from the Corporate Media is quite opposite!
    GOP did not win, Tea Party People and the Progressive win, and they Will meet Each other one day, when Teapariers see the Ugly Face of the GOP failing to deliver on Taxes- They will just shift the burden toward Us, Deficit- they will blow it even more, and Productive ( well paid middle class without the need of Second Jobs to pay the bills or make ends meet, or School Your Child, or take a Vacations, or get a picnic from time to time without breaking the Family budget) Jobs!
    As for my blog, I will post until is on the air, hopefully more and more people will join Us in the Discussion and Our View Will Grow Better And Bigger Together!

    Looking Forward for Your insight!